A Quantitative Approach To Investing with Art Day

Recorded at the Axos Advisor Services — Focus on the Future Conference in Denver Colorado

Art Day is  a partner for Day Hagen Asset Management, an asset manager that provides disciplined, quantitative scientific and unemotional, model-based approach to investing.

Live from the Axos Advisor service conference, Focus on the Future, in Denver Colorado, Doug and Art discuss the quantitative models of the Day Hagen Asset Management firm, and the multitude of different platforms they provide.

Also discussed:

  • The peaks and troughs in regards to all types of cyclicality in the industry, specifically with the impacts of inflation
  • How to read through the puzzles of the markets
  • How the war in Ukraine impacts the way asset managers think
  • How their firm approaches investment committees
  • Advice for those interested in the markets just starting out today

Resources: Day Hagen Asset Management | Axos Advisor Services

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