A Big-Picture Overview of How to Get Clients

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you know building your dream business is hard. And if you’re like most financial advisors, you don’t struggle with serving your clients, but with getting them in the first place. 

Lots of “experts” want to sell you courses, seminars and books with complex client-getting strategies—but most of them don’t work. That’s because the high-level process of getting clients as a financial advisor is simple. 

In this episode, you’ll get the big picture of getting your dream clients—and how to put it into practice so you can build a business that fuels a lifestyle you love. 

Ready to get more clients without complex marketing strategies? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The weird way bodybuilding slang can help you attract dream clients in your niche (5:52)
  • How a billion-dollar corporation teaches you how to attract more clients (9:18)
  • Why the most successful marketers combine inbound marketing and outbound marketing to supercharge their marketing results (11:05)
  • The stupid-simple “go where your market is” advice that gets your more clients (even if your marketing gets worse) (13:12)

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