4 Systems To Build a Resilient Advisory Practice With Jay Coulter

In financial services, bear markets come and go. But the most resilient advisors stand strong even during the toughest crises.

In this episode, Matt Halloran speaks with Jay Coulter, CFP®, CIMA®, executive producer of FinancialAdvisor.TV, the managing partner of Resilient Wealth, and the host of The Resilient Advisor™ Show. Jay shares four key systems to help you build a stronger, healthier practice and improve business performance.

Jay discusses:

  • 3 reasons why resilience is crucial for today’s advisors
  • How to improve your client communication through business and social touchpoints
  • Scalable systems that boost business efficiency
  • What it means to own your investment process
  • How FinancialAdvisor.TV is a powerful syndication of advisor-focused content
  • And more

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