Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

James L. Olsengives us seven reasons Why We’re Not Going Into a Recession .Hung up on where you are now? Shep Hykenreminds us It’s Not Where You Are. It’s Where You’re Going . Don Connellyprovides 6 Reasons to Specialize in the Kind of Financial Advice You Give .Democrats see federal cannabis legalization as a weapon in their arsenal. Stephen Kanavalargues differently in Why Removing the Federal Ban on Cannabis Could Help Secure Trump in 2020 .It all starts with CEO commitment. Annette Franztells us what’s needed in The “New” Purpose of a Business .Are your clients asking more and more about cryptocurrencies? Tai-Chin Tungwrites Why Advisors Must Understand Blockchain .In 5 Tips for Talking About Sustainable Investing , Sonya Dreizlergets you ahead of the game to have that conversation with your curious clients.Most organizations wonder why the progress they seek doesn’t materialize. Roy Osingdescribes 10 Barriers to Progress That Should Be Dumped to move forward .Value has never been more under question. Maribeth Kuzmenskiarrives with How to Prove Your Value as an Advisor . Lucky day.