11 Most Read Advisorpedia Articles of the Week!

1. Financial Advisors Can Find the Right Version of Independence with Barrett Ayers, Louis Diamond and Jim Dickson

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Adhesion Wealth President, Barrett Ayers, takes the reins and leads a fascinating discussion with Louis Diamond, Executive Vice President and Head Consultant at Diamond Consultants, and Jim Dickson, CEO of Sanctuary Wealth, about what’s going on in the breakaway and independent channels. — Power Your Advice

2. What You Need To Know About Being a Financial Advisor in Uncertain Times

As I write this in mid-October, 2020, the stock market is sitting right at an all-time high. But there’s still an ongoing pandemic – and a presidential election looming. Either of these things can cause big short-term swings in stock prices. That means things are pretty risky at the moment. In the short-term, anyway. — Don Connelly

3. Here’s Why Americans Are Buying Homes Sight Unseen

Lester Knispel bought the $1.5 million white-columned house on the second fairway. His Porsche is now parked in the garage. And family pictures hang in the living room. But Lester and his wife have never set foot inside their new country club home! They live in California, and didn’t want to visit Florida during the lockdowns. So instead they toured the five-bedroom mansion virtually, bought it, and then shipped the car and furniture soon after. “I never thought I’d buy something like this, sight unseen” Knispel told the Wall Street Journal. — Stephen McBride

4. How To Cut Your 2020 Capital Gains Taxes With Just A Few Moves

This very strange year in the world and the financial markets has produced some interesting predicaments. Among them is that some investors may have accumulated a large amount of “realized capital gains” in their taxable investment accounts. And, as investors with hefty sums in their taxable (non-IRA, non-401k) accounts know, taxes can crush investment performance. — Rob Isbitts

5. A Wrap on the COVID Market, Premature or Not!

Over the last eight months, I have written a series of posts on the market and how it has adapted and adjusted to COVID. The very first of these posts, on February 26, 2020, was about two weeks into the meltdown and it is indicative of how little we knew about the virus then, and what effects it would have on the economy and the market. More than seven months later, there is still much that we still do not know about COVID, as it continues to wreak havoc on global economies and businesses. — Aswath Damodaran

6. Financial Advisors Should Bet on Themselves with Mike Hlavek

Mike Hlavek is the Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner of Concurrent Advisors, an advisor-owned partnership of independent advisors affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., who work together to realize a common vision of creating a superior client experience while growing their own practices. — Permission to Succeed

7. Why People Invest in Things They Don’t Understand

Have you heard this one?  “What do health insurance and hospital gowns have in common?”  You are a lot less covered than you think you are.  The underlying logic makes the case for working with an insurance professional.  But in the investing world, do people put their money into investments they don’t understand.  Yes.  This becomes another opportunity to show how financial advisors add value. — Bryce Sanders

8. 16 Social Media Etiquette Rules for Financial Advisors

Kirk and Matt discuss “14 Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Brands” written by Todd Clarke and published by Hootsuite. They add their own spin for financial advisors and tack on two more rules –– including one you definitely won’t expect to hear in a list about etiquette –– to help you gain a strong social media audience. — Top Advisor Marketing

9. Do You Really Know What Your Clients Want?

A classic mistake that professionals tend to repeat is assuming that their clients all want the same thing, which coincidentally is the very thing that the professional specialises in.  There are usually 2 things wrong with this assumption. — Tony Vidler

10. Why Advisors Should Put Client Interests in Marketing Too

A client driven practice puts the client first in everything: service, marketing, strategy. Client driven service means being responsive. It means dispensing advice tailored to client needs and circumstances in light of their goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, tax bracket, and other considerations. Putting clients first strategically means offering a combination of services and an experience tailored to the needs, wants, and desires of the client you want to serve. — Stephen Wershing

11. When It’s Your Time and Your Authority Goes Viral

We underestimate the audience impact of witnessing sheer joy when an authority is in the midst of their greatest challenge. It calls to us on an almost primal level. — Rochelle Moulton