11 Most Read Articles of the Year!

1. The Advantages of Niche Marketing

What most people are in search of and why it causes problems, including less than ideal clients and less revenue — Annette Bau

2. What It Means To Be An Advisor of The Future

What does it mean to be an advisor of the future? How can advisors become more productive over the next 10 years? What is your approach to client relationships? — Duncan McDonald

3. How To Increase Your Fees

There are still plenty of advisers and firms that are looking to increase their fees. Despite what you read in the industry press, that includes firms still looking to move up to 1% of assets under management. It also includes firms moving away from asset-based fees but needing to charge pretty significant flat fees to replace them. — Brett Davidson

4. Assessing Bitcoin's Role in Portfolios, Store of Value Traits

Bitcoin recently entered the $1 trillion in market capitalization club – lofty territory occupied by just a small number of U.S. equities. Even with that ascent, some familiar questions still burn for the largest cryptocurrency. — Todd Shriber

5. How to Tell a Client You Can No Longer Work With Them

Saying goodbye to clients often seems counter-intuitive to new advisors, whose primary concern is to grow a customer base. But failing to ‘weed out’ unprofitable clients is a bad idea for any advisor’s business. To succeed in this industry, you need to spend your time servicing your most profitable relationships and this necessitates dropping unprofitable accounts from time to time. — Don Connelly

6. 5 Major Advantages of Employees Working from the Office

With the technology available today, it’s often feasible (and even convenient) for employees to work from home. But is this actually beneficial to company culture, workflow, and career advancement? — Remy Bernstein

7. Will Financial Advisors Become Obsolete?

The financial services industry is changing. The bad news is that some financial advisors -the ones who refuse to adapt and evolve - will get left behind. The good news is that change often brings tremendous opportunities to those who embrace it. — James Pollard

8. The Most Important Factor in Offering Advice

The tricky part for Advisors is determining WHEN to offer advice contrary to Client belief. You’ve got to determine whether Clients are “in love” with their ideas, or simply testing them out. — Dan Smaida

9. Develop a Deeply Engaging, Profoundly Human Client Experience with Julie Littlechild

Julie is the CEO of Absolute Engagement, a company that helps advisors and advisory firms use direct input from their clients to evolve and enhance the client experience, identify unmet needs and increase referrals. She is also the author of The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement, and host of her own podcast, Becoming Referable. Doug & Julie talk about Absolute Engagement’s latest research on the advisor client experience. — Power Your Advice

10. How Women Select an Advisor

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.  That sentiment was coined by author John Gray as the title to his book about communication between genders in relationships.  It illustrates just how different men and women are.  These differences are also evident in financial matters.  Men and women make their financial decisions for different reasons, including the selecting of a financial advisor. — Catherine McBreen

11. Five Entry Points into the HNW Community

You’ve bought into the logic the best way to get HNW clients is to become part of their world and raise your visibility.  You also agree, generally speaking, once people achieve a level of financial success, they get more involved in their local community.  How do you get this to work to your advantage? — Bryce Sanders