11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Most Dangerous Question Advisors Have to Answer

Part of your job as a financial advisor is to answer clients’ questions. They ask about the markets, their portfolio, when funds will be available and what you think about political events. As an advisor, responding to queries is in your job description. — Ken Haman

2. This Is Why Many Advisers Do Not Grow

Growing productivity – or getting financial advisers to grow themselves and their business capability – appears to be a problem no matter who you talk to in financial services.  And it doesn’t need to be. All too often the lack of growth in production levels by advisers or the lack of development of business systems and commercial models is put down to simple arguments such as “they get paid too much in commission, so it is too easy for them and there is no incentive to grow“. — Tony Vidler

3. What’s Really Behind Musk’s Bitcoin U-Turn?

Just a few months ago, to much fanfare, Musk announced that his company Tesla had bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and that it would accept it as payment for cars. The move was one of the reasons the cryptocurrency’s price has soared this year. — George Prior

4. Does Wealth Equal Happiness?

Does having money lead to greater happiness?  This is the age-old question contemplated by philosophers and chided by our mothers who told us otherwise.  But what do people with great wealth believe?  Does having greater wealth lead to happiness? — Catherine McBreen

5. What Would You Do If Your Biggest Client Left?

Everyone knows the 80/20 rule.  Buried in that 20% of clients providing 80% of your business, there are a few skewing those numbers even further.  What would you do if your biggest client left. You might consider it unlikely.  “They would never leave.”  Perhaps they died.  Maybe one of their children married into the business and they are moving their business over to be supportive.  The reason doesn’t need to make sense.  One morning you discovered they just left. — Bryce Sanders

6. The New SEC Ad Rule Is In Effect: Everything Financial Advisors Need To Know

The new SEC ad rule is here! The new rule updates the advertising restrictions of financial advisors to accommodate for advancements in marketing and communication technology. And with the new rule comes new marketing opportunities. To help advisors and other financial professionals navigate the change, we’ve created a roundup toolkit of marketing strategies and resources. This post is the first in our new series to celebrate the new SEC ad rule. Make sure you sign up for blog updates to keep up with the changes! — Samantha Russell

7. The Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate with Matthew Gorelik

Matthew Gorelik is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Township Capital, a Los Angeles-based real estate investment manager focused of making programmatic equity investments alongside best-in-class sponsors and institutional equity investors nationwide. He & his team are unique in their ability to identify and invest in opportunities throughout the commercial real estate capital stack and across various market conditions. — Power Your Advice

8. Are You Invested in America’s “Two-Hour Boom”?

The lobby of 7 W. 34th Street looks like every other swanky downtown Manhattan office. But walk past the glowing white marble floors, take the elevator to the fifth floor, and you’re in an Amazon warehouse. These warehouses are how Amazon can now deliver nearly anything you can think of in two hours or less. They’re the reason you can put your kids in bed at 7 pm… and have a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at your front door by 9 pm. — Stephen McBride

9. Three Technology Stocks Cathie Wood Is Buying In 2021

In the last year, ARK Invest’s CEO and CIO Cathie Wood has risen in popularity. ARK Invest is known for its thematic ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that have generated market-thumping returns since the pandemic-induced bear market witnessed in early 2020. Cathie Wood can be considered Wall Street royalty given her ability to identify companies that have the potential to generate multifold gains for investors. — Finscreener

10. How to Live Stream on Multiple Platforms With Just One Click with Anya Razina

Imagine being able to deliver your message to your audience in real-time across all social media platforms. That’s exactly what you can do with Restream! And they make it super easy. We use Restream all the time! — ProudMouth

11. An Advisor’s Field Guide to Downside Protection

Stock market volatility and uncertainty represents major risks for advisors and their clients by testing investors’ resolve and their ability to stay the course to capture the effects of long-term compounding. That is why there has been a serious search for downside protection strategies that can be added to investment portfolios. This has increasingly become a major component of portfolio construction decisions for advisors and RIAs. — Bill Hortz