11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. This 1 Thing Could Lose You More Than 50% Of Your Clients

For just about any practitioner to lose clients is bad, but losing 50% or more of their clients in a year would be a disaster.  It is enough to jeopardise a practice entirely of course, but even in a best case scenario it will hurt horribly, and for quite a long time. — Tony Vidler

2. Crypto Will Devour the Stock Market

Longtime RiskHedge readers know crypto is one of the best moneymaking opportunities in the world. Cryptos like Ethereum (ETH) have outperformed even the hottest stocks by 10X in the past few years. And we’re still only in the first inning of this opportunity. For example, did you know Apple (AAPL) is larger than the entire crypto market? — Stephen McBride

3. Data Can Help You Provide Quality Advice with Matthew Radgowski

Doug and Matt sat down at the FSI OneVoice Summit and talked about Morningstar Advisor Services and their primary focus on discovering key trends that impact the delivery of advice and then delivering solutions that help advisors deliver quality advice to investors. — Power Your Advice

4. Russia-Ukraine Tensions Offer Unique Buying Opportunity For Investors

Will he, or won’t he? That’s the question many people have been asking of Russian president Vladimir Putin with regard to a possible invasion of Ukraine. For what it’s worth, I believe such a move is unlikely, seeing as Russia stands to lose a lot even if it were to stage a “successful” invasion and somehow annex all or part of its neighbor. I’ll elaborate further, but for now I’ll say that the financial sanctions alone would be crippling. — Frank Holmes

5. 5 Ways to Discover Your Meaningful Differentiation

If a high-level prospect or potential center of influence asked you, “What makes you different?”. Would you have an immediate, succinct, and confident answer? Do you struggle or are you clear and confident? — Bill Cates

6. How To Become Naturally Empathetic and Build Deeper Connections With Clients

At a time like we are now experiencing, when clients are feeling anxious and vulnerable about the future, financial advisors’ most potent tool is empathy. They need to know you understand how they’re feeling about their circumstances and their concerns about the world around them. — Don Connelly

7. How Advisors Can Bring Green to Client Muni Positions

Amid fears of the Federal Reserve's imminent rate hiking regime, the first month or so of 2022 was unkind to myriad fixed income assets with municipal bonds ensnared in that weakness. — Todd Shriber

8. Choice Paralysis: How RIAs can Tackle Tech Overload

The good news is that, the tools and the choice and the flexibility is there. So even the smallest advisor can run a very profitable business. On the other hand, as you grow and get bigger scale becomes more important, you need to have a bigger footprint, you need to bring in more operations, more tech, more people process, all of that good stuff. — Advisorpedia Media Group

9. Next Generation Organizations Are Here​

It’s not a question of how we work as much as it is about how we spend our lives and it’s exciting to see that there are always healthy ways to explore. Anything and everything is possible when we question everything and explore next-generation organizations that are coloring outside the lines. — Ayelet Baron

10. How Much Does It Cost To Mine Bitcoin?

As the price of Bitcoin increases, so does the number of Bitcoin miners who want to generate their own BTC. Successful Bitcoin miners receive the coveted asset in exchange for their effort, and they don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to purchase the so-called digital gold. However, that doesn’t mean Bitcoin mining is cheap – in fact, it is a capital intensive investment that costs miners both money and time. — Finscreener

11. Helping Today’s Financial Advisors Realize Their Full Potential

Experienced advisors know that it takes hard work and smart decisions to reach the highest tiers of success in the constantly evolving financial advisory industry. — Todd Shriber