11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. 5 Charts Reveal Everything About the Stock Market

There aren’t many places to hide. Almost everything in the stock market is getting hit hard. We’ve seen growth stocks plunge. Now, big tech like Amazon and Netflix are falling fast... Even many safer “value” stocks have got swept up in the selloff. During times like this, it’s critical to step back and assess the big picture. — Justin Spittler

2. The Wealthy Women Opportunity

While the initial goal is to get hired, the next goal is to retain them and get warm introductions to their friends and peers. Learning the secrets of affluent women and couples is a critical step to serving more wealthy clients and growing your financial consulting, advisory, or coaching business. — Annette Bau

3. U.S. Equity Markets Are in or Near Correction: Now What?

After a rocky start to the year, a number of major U.S. equity markets are in or near correction territory. Understandably, after a stellar 2021, many investors are nervous about reliving the volatile days of March 2020 – as a result, sentiment has noticeably soured. — Jack Manely

4. Market Bottom? Is It In, Or More Downside Coming?

Market bottom? Is it in? That was the main question I got last week, and I even discussed it with Charles Payne of Fox Business. It’s the one answer everybody is searching for. Is it time to “load up the truck” for the next leg of the bull market or go to cash? — Lance Roberts

5. Fear and Greed: An Investors Two Worst Enemies

Over the past two years, investors have had to balance fear and greed amidst market, economic, and political unpredictability. Since 2020, the divergence between asset price performance and fundamentals has never been starker. As a reminder, stock prices were surging higher in the spring and summer of 2020 despite double-digit unemployment and closures of large economic segments. It was not easy to be bullish with news like the New York Times front-page below. — Michael P. Lebowitz

6. Are You Panicking? I’m Not. Here’s Why

Two weeks ago, I made you a promise. I said we’d discuss one of the biggest potential threats to payment disruptors, FedNow. The essay is done and dusted, but it’ll have to wait another week. Instead, we must talk about the topic on everyone’s mind… what’s going on with stocks? Today, I’ll show you what’s behind the stock market volatility… and how to use it to your advantage. — Stephen McBride

7. Differentiation for Differentiation’s Sake is Worthless

When we talk about what makes us different, we have to make sure that we translate it into a benefit that our prospects will understand. We can’t assume that they’ll see the benefit on their own; we need to make it obvious to them. — Bill Cates

8. What Does Good Client Communication Mean?

Clients want to be a name, not just an account number.  They realize you can’t be thinking about them all the time, but they want to know you are paying attention.  Being responsive to their requests is important, but outbound communication really lets them know you are paying attention. — Bryce Sanders

9. International Dividends Merit Investigation

With broader benchmarks sagging to start 2022, dividend stocks are proving their mettle as a variety of dividend-oriented exchange traded funds are holding up well compared to broader equity indexes. — Todd Shriber

10. The Behavioural Finance Mindset With Eric Clarke and Daniel Crosby

When choosing financial advisors to invest with, it is important they care about your wants and needs when trusting them with your finances. Start with Orion Advisor Services. — Matt Ackermann

11. Business Growth Begins With Delivering Value

Business growth can be limited by a lack of organization and structure in financial advisory practices such that there is little if any time for new client acquisition. Separate yourself from the pack by serving your existing client base AND acquiring new clients with an efficient and effective structure and organization. — David Leo