Working With Affluent Women


Today, you will learn the formula for success serving the affluent women and couples market.

Early in my life, I became fascinated with the lives of the affluent. I began researching them to determine the secret of success. I discovered a formula that governs the results we get in business, life, and money.

And I found that everything in life has a formula.

There is a formula for

  • Results and another for failure.
  • Wealth and another for bankruptcy.

In today’s episode, I share the formula you need to successfully serve the affluent market (actually any market!).

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The components of a successful business plan
  • How to create a winning formula
  • The components of a solid foundation
  • How to program your mind
  • The three components of the formula for success
  • How to access a resource that helps you make your goals stick
  • The biggest determinant of your results and success (and the secret to achieve success in your business and life)
  • What three steps you need in your strategy
  • How to identify your ideal niche market (including something most advisors and financial coaches miss!)
  • The ideal number of power hours including business power hours (BPHs) and personal power hours (PPHs)
  • Why your execution should be combined with your foundation and strategy
  • The best type of lead generation to attract affluent clients
  • Who to interview for your research (and why it is so critical to your success)
  • What three elements an ideal marketing to the affluentplan includes
  • Why finding your passion and purpose are so critical to your success

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