Why Affluent Clients Fire Advisors


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why affluent clients fire advisors, specifically what you must never do
  • What advisors need to do to keep from getting fired
  • How to get more affluent prospects
  • The one thing you should avoid (so you don’t get fired)
  • Insight on how successful people choose their team because this is the first step to results
  • What you should never say to an affluent women (and how you should never treat her. Do this and you will get fired!)
  • Why getting the woman on board is so critical when working with affluent couples
  • How to learn critical information from your client, so you can meet them where they are
  • What to do to more effectively sell to affluent clients
  • What to do so you get hired by more affluent clients
  • The mindset of successful people and how it will help you to not get fired
  • What causes a wealthy client to fire their advisors, consultants, and even employees
  • A real-world example that got the consultant fired before he was even hired
  • The most important step you must take (miss this and you will probably not be able to work with this client)
  • How to make the process fun

First published in MillionaireSeries.com

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