The Wealthy Women Opportunity


In today’s episode, “Wealthy Women Opportunity,” you will learn the different types of affluent women, how they choose their advisors, and what you can do to become their financial advisor or money coach.

Let’s face it, smart advisors, financial coaches, and wealth managers want to grow and retain their wealthy women clients.

While the initial goal is to get hired, the next goal is to retain them and get warm introductions to their friends and peers. Learning the secrets of affluent women and couples is a critical step to serving more wealthy clients and growing your financial consulting, advisory, or coaching business.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake advisors and financial coaches make with affluent women and couples, specifically what you should do and not do
  • What you need to know about the opportunity available to you right now
  • How to think like a wealthy prospect or client
  • The most common complaint shared by affluent women who have fired their advisor (this is an easy one to fix!)
  • What most female prospects share about their experience working with a male advisor (not what you want to hear!)
  • The most important statistic when it comes to increasing your share of affluent women and couple clients
  • The mind-boggling number of women living in poverty over age 65
  • Why women need a financial advisor or money coach now more than ever
  • Real-world stats of women leaving the work force and how it impacts their financial future
  • Where most advisors focus (this is why they often aren’t hired or end up getting fired)
  • What is most important to wealthy women (really all women)
  • What one advisor did that completely revamped his business and life

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