The Value of Virtual Sales Training

During this Pandemic, the need to provide virtual sales training has certainly increased. In many cases, it’s become the only way for companies to still provide ways in which their sales people and management can improve their performance.

My company has offered virtual/eLearning sales training for years and it has proven to be effective, if not more successful than in-person training courses.

Now, during this challenging business environment where companies ask their people to work remote, virtual training has become something of a “must have” rather than a “nice to add” option.

Below are some of the reasons why virtual training could be here to stay:

Less Cost

Virtual training courses might not be cheaper than in-person training due to the technology requirements and the preparations/follow-up requirements. Travel costs however have added to the price tag in the past and with the ability to offer courses on-line/remote these costs can be saved.

No Travel

Travel doesn’t only cost a lot, it also means that people are away from their jobs which adds to the overall expense. However, there is something to be said about people getting together and those benefits cannot be denied. For now, we will have to do with faces on screens.

Blended Learning

We understand the importance of gathering and sharing, so my company, the Consultative Sales Academy has offered a blended learning approach for a long time. While most of our clients choose our eLearning program (a solution where learners can access a learning dashboard) we almost always added an in-person element where we launched the program live to honor the need of humans to connect with each other.

Remote Engagement – an added Bonus

When people learn remote, they are in a position where they have to engage that way which is crucially important during this difficult business environment. We don’t know when we will be able to see people again, so engaging in a remote way teaches us to embrace the fact that business interactions on the phone or via Zoom (or any other similar technology) can be as valuable as meeting people in-person.

Many sales people have relied on in-person meetings to successfully engage and close, but the future of sales might look very different for all of us.

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