The One End-of-Year Activity You Shouldn’t Ignore

This time of year it can be tempting to start to take the foot off the accelerator on certain practice activities.

It’s understandable. It’s been another full year with all sorts of challenges – expected and unexpected – but regardless of what’s happened, there’s one piece of work that I always make sure to prioritise for the end-of-year.

It’s something I get a bit “militant” about when it comes to the practices I coach; a simple piece of marketing to end the year.

In particular, 

#1 Lapse Prospects Campaign

If you’re like most practices out there, there are a handful of people over the last 18 to 24 months you met with and, for whatever reason they didn’t proceed.

Now is the perfect time to give ’em a nudge and say,

“Hey, just wanna check. Did you get these things done?”

Around 25% to 30% of the clients who didn’t proceed didn’t say yes because they didn’t need advice or value it. Usually, it’s some other reason that meant the timing wasn’t right.

Recently I ran this very campaign with a program member, where we put this out to 12 of their lapsed prospects.

They ended up getting 4 leads, which translated into 3 new clients, and that’s before we’d run any of the other campaigns I’m talking about below.

This for me is prime opportunity.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on at the end-of-year in terms of mindset that makes this low-hanging fruit.

#2 Advocate Outreach

The Christmas break usually means social stuff.

We know that 40% of Australians talk to their friends and family about money.

If you can prime those clients who you know to be referrers and remind them about the areas that you are helping people with right now, you increase the likelihood that that referral may come, come January.

#3 Partner Outreach

Next, you want to touch base with those other business you either:

  1. have referral relationships with already, or
  2. would like toThis is about getting in the diary for next year or if you’ve got your marketing game on, do some collaborative marketing this side of Christmas period.

My version of this is a lead magnet I put together that practices on the program take, rebrand and use. It’s something like this – well-themed and easily shared – that gives you every chance of getting some January “new prospect” traction now.

I wanted to share because I think sometimes the inclination for businesses when we get this time of year is to kind of take a deep breath and go, “Wow, alright, let’s plan for next year”.

Don’t get me wrong, planning for the year ahead right here and now is a really good thing to do, but doing this kind of marketing right now is hugely effective because of:

  • where we’re at in the year
  • the way people are thinking
  • what’s ahead of us

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