The Event Invitation She Will Open from an Advisor

To get attention from women, to get women to WANT to come to your event (in person or webinar) sometimes you have to go totally rogue. It’s not just the topic, nor the content but it’s the look and feel of the invitation that gets the results.

When sending invitations to women whether it’s a branding event, qualifier event, specialty event or even educational workshop (See Adri’s book Seminars for the Financial Advisor for more details on event types.) it’s important to present it as if it’s a social event, the invitation is setting the tone as to what they will experience during the event.

Look at your current invitations for your women’s workshops and events, do they scream authenticity? Do your invitations present a fun and engaging experience?  I doubt it.

Whether your event is for the masses or you are hosting a top line event for affluent women you need to send an invitation that they would NEVER expect from a financial advisor. The look of the invite is critical.

An effective invitation for a women’s event should focus on the following:

  1. Color Scheme: Pick a color scheme preferable one that matches your website, and other marketing materials. BUT if your website is a standard issue with no real design then you must go rogue with your invitation.  You want the invite to POP, with vibrant or warm colors that appeal to women. Granted it doesn’t have to be pink but any form of pink certainly yells women and that’s what we want.
  2. Design: Most invites from financial services incorporate stock photos, think about it the only time you include a photo in your party invitations is if it is of a couple getting married or perhaps a new baby, who uses stock photos in their party invitations? If they did would you go? I think not.  Have a graphic designer create a flow, a design that you can use on all your materials so that every time clients or prospects see the same design and color scheme they know it’s yours.
  3. Font: If you use a typical business font  then you totally don’t get it. The font needs to be appropriate, not heavy, not formal but light fun and inviting. Get as far away from business font as you can while maintaining legibility. Some of the scroll fonts are difficult to read. Whatever you select you can use two different fonts, one for text and one for titles and emphasis.  And don’t think about left justify, most party invitations are centered which gives it a more festive and friendly feel.

The Savvy Women Invest On Purpose seminar is a fun, engaging presentation that women love. The content is not about money but about women and the style (contrary to seminars from the financial industry) is highly facilitative designed to get your audience to do the talking. If you are ready to have fun with a women’s event program the Savvy Women Invest On Purpose is a great way to get launched.

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