The Challenges With Lead Generation


In today’s episode, “Lead Generation Challenges,” you will learn why so many advisors, coaches, and consultants have such a challenge when it comes to lead generation and prospecting for new ideal clients.

Specifically, you will learn what is working right now to generate more ideal, profitable leads and how to avoid common lead generation challenges and mistakes.

One of the most important skills for growing your business is lead generation. In fact, the main reason that coaches, advisors, and consultants struggle is their inability to create a flow of qualified prospects in their funnel and then convert them to paying clients. However, this doesn’t need to happen to you. Today, I share exactly what causes lead generation challenges and how to avoid them, so you can generate more leads.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The most common lead generation challenges
  • The one prospecting mistake that almost all advisors and consultants make when marketing
  • The top four prospecting mistakes that most business coaches, financial advisors, and consultants make
  • What you must do to improve your lead generation efforts and get more clients
  • The “attract vs. chase” lead generation dilemma and a free resource to help you avoid it
  • The one super common mistake and the solution to avoid it (even if you are not great with numbers)
  • Why discovering a niche market is so important to easily generating new business
  • The most important numbers you need to track in your business
  • How to determine what funds you need to implement your lead generation strategy
  • How to transition from chasing your prospects to attracting them with ease (especially ideal, wealthy clients)

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