The 10 Things Salespeople Have Actually Been Doing During Quarantine

Life has been turned upside down by the pandemic and the government’s efforts to contain it, and many salespeople have been forced to work from home in an effort to comply with social distancing guidelines.

While everyone’s doing the best they can to make the new arrangement work, we can’t pretend that salespeople have just been sitting around and making sales calls from their kitchen table all day.

We’ve put together a list of what salespeople have really been doing during quarantine, and tried to make it as honest (and fun) as possible. Here it is:

1. Discovering how many hours there are in the day when there’s no commute.

Putting on pants is actually a bit time consuming.

2. Trying to make their coffee taste like it does at the cafe, but never quite getting it right.

Is there some secret ingredient I’m missing!?

3. Starting a sales training on YouTube but getting distracted by the recommended videos on the side.

Why yes, I’d love to learn about what the government’s not telling us about the moon…

4. Finding out how much their pet really loves them.

It’s the heyday for human-pet relationships.

5. Tiger King.

Tiger King.

6. Wearing a nice shirt on top, and pajama pants on the bottom for Zoom video calls.

Business on top, party on the bottom.

7. Finding out what they look like without haircuts, beauty salons, and (occasionally) showers.

Tom Hanks pulled it off in Cast Away.

8. Wondering why they went into sales instead of becoming a famous music star.

Dust that guitar off and jam out.

9. Watching their favorite sales influencers become increasingly unhinged in their live videos.

No sir, I will not send you $499 to learn how to close deals during a pandemic.

10. Making a list of everything they’re going to do as soon as things get back to normal.

Every restaurant, concert, sporting event, and family gathering under the sun.

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