Success, by Necessity, Must Be Constrained: How To Succeed and Not Hate Yourself Later

The title might have you confused...I thought you were all about people improving Mike?!?

I am...I am also all about truth and reality as well.

Success, unlimited and unbridled is almost always incredibly destructive in my experience because we inherently know that it is false. That we aren't planning or preparing, but, fantasizing.

I founded a company and am launching a community around having a #valuesbasedmindset. What we don't believe in is fantasy success. We believe in hard work, innovation, resilience and all the other things that factor into success...but, we don't worship them. We focus on what is truly achievable and doing so without compromising your values.

There seems to be a 'devaluing' of objective truth going on right now, but, let me drop some 'truth' on you: you are going to die. That alone means that your experience of success is limited.

By necessity, your experience of success (in reality) needs to be constrained by the following things:

Roles - What roles do you fulfill in your life. Mine, for example, are Disciple, Husband, Special Needs Parent & Leader. You roles are what we call the 'tiebreaker' in the Values Based Mindset System. When we have multiple options that fit in with everything else in our system...the roles are what decide which is best for now.

Values - What are your values...the things that you will plant your flag on a hill and never surrender? Remember Gandalf from Lord of the Rings? "You Shall Not Pass!". Values are the fuel that drive the entire mindset system...detailed, examined and tested...they propel us to achieve our fullest potential, or, as Greg McKeown says it in "Essentialism"...our full contribution.

Gifts - What are you good at? We both know it isn't everything. Believe it or not, sometimes clients put down values that they aren't gifted at expressing.

It is really important, when it comes to forming new habits (the next step) that stick and get you performing make sure you aren't skiing up hill.

Habits - Your Roles, Values & Gifts must create the template for improving and/or initiating habits that are designed before they are implemented. We don't believe in 'plug & play' when it comes to being successful with your habits. Where we start first is developing your daily 'launch sequence' (my fancy term for morning routine). Momentum is a precious source of energy for anyone looking to have a day framed and executed intentionally.

Resources - At VBM we call this the 'currency' because this is how we pay for the growth. Quite simply, we can have a really good plan that meets all the previous criteria...and not have the resources to execute it with an acceptable amount of risk. Here are the resources we use: Time, Money, Experience, Health & Relationships.

A good plan without the adequate amount of resources isn't a 'No' is a 'Not Yet'.

Let's pull it all together:

If you have had enough (Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired) of the YouCanDoIt and the unlimited success crowd...this might be the breath of fresh air and the inspiration for real, practical and scaling success for you. Don't try to act out a are too unique and valuable for that kind of lie. Instead, take the time to get to know You. Build, with or without our framework, a plan that will give you the peace to accept whatever outcome results because you followed a path/life of your own design.

Action Step: Detail out (in writing) all 5 of the components of the Values Based Mindset system for yourself.

I hope this helps you. If you have been following me for some of the more specific advice on #socialselling and #referrals please understand that this #mindset system is how I help my clients execute upon their growth strategies. There will be more content on both the mindset system and how to apply it in business coming all the time.

Be Social, Be Human and Be Values Based

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