Strategies for Achieving Your Vision

Have you ever silently thought, “if only I could!’ to consider potential strategies for achieving your vision? For many, no action is underway, but mysteriously the thought occasionally returns. Should this sometimes occur for you, you may wonder why that might be. 

“Generally, a recurring thought reflects what truly matters to you and that the time may be right for going after it with everything you have."

Motivation upfront is the perfect starting strategy. Unfortunately, most people only begin with the idea and motivation but do not follow through or follow up. Instead, they quit, and we all know that stopping gets us nowhere very quickly. The regret is the worst outcome for giving up. Worse will be spending days pondering, ‘but what if I continued, what might have I achieved?’

Achieving your vision requires three elements that are all connected via mindset; they are: 

  1. Passion
  2. Purpose
  3. Perseverance

One without the other is meaningless and produces little, but by combining all three, you can significantly increase your likelihood of success.

Should you have a recurring idea, it may be time to revisit the ultimate vision for how it may play out. Documentation is the better way to keep track of all efforts, progress, difficulties, and pending revision of strategies. 

To begin, consider writing out a description of what you ultimately want to accomplish and provide all of the reasons why that is. Similar to a sale, you need to sell yourself on the idea because beginning anew is no easy task and may become the most challenging project ever undertaken to date.

You may want to write out the pros and cons for moving forward, such as the time and budget. Other considerations include:

  • A possible team or collaborative effort of some type.
  • Hiring help.
  • Classes

The realization may have you wondering if the plan is worthwhile. Should the thought occur, revise your purpose and passion for realizing if you will include perseverance with everything you have. It’s the determination that will get you over the initial finish-line, but know that it’s only a stepping stone, as we never fully finish. 

"Those who pursue with all they have are the ones who develop their legacy; hopefully beneficial for many."

Move from Competition to Collaboration

Moving from competition to collaboration can provoke new ideas to make an effort more robust and prove far more beneficial than initially thought. In the corporate environment, salespeople tend to keep their favorite strategies secretive so they may wind up at the top of the sales scoreboard and earn special bonuses.  

However, in the business arena, working alone does not work out nearly as well as sharing ideas and efforts with others. We can embrace marketing and public relations strategies more efficiently on the back-end as we find the right partners and spread the word and work. Visibility dramatically increases as we can build a recognizable brand and keep up the branding effort.

Track Errors to Correct and Move Forward

More often than we want to admit, efforts do not materialize as we initially anticipate. Sometimes it can feel as if we are further behind than when we began, but this is never true. Why? Often, the worst incidents are our gifts in disguise because they force us to redesign a project or the entire effort for better delivery and acceptance. When we are willing to learn from the brutal lessons, pick up the pieces, and persevere no matter what, we come out stronger in the end.  

Ensure All Roads Lead to Your Vision

The one qualifier for accepting new ideas and collaborative efforts is to ensure the new works synchronously with what is already in place. Should a routine be outdated, be willing to let it go. On the other hand, avoid adapting an idea that is not entirely complementary to what is working well. Over time, the strategies grow, and when complementary to one another, you again can build a robust business.

Admittedly there will be days when you wonder why you are continuing. Again, one idea is to revisit your passion and purpose to determine if a similar-minded community may benefit from your expertise. By offering a percentage of your time to helping such a community, the appreciation for the help you provide makes the entire effort well-worthwhile. The visible appreciation for your excellent work makes the whole effort for achieving your vision well worthwhile! Similar to collaborative partners, new ideas will likely arise that will further benefit all those involved with the community.

Finally, when we find the thought lingering, we know it’s time to see our idea through to completion!

Strategies for Achieving Your Vision

It’s a tricky balance to establish a business before finding your better connections and can put one in an agonizing position. Stay strong, and then review why you chose your career or entrepreneurship.

Coaches tell us that vision boards can accomplish much. The mere act of looking at your vision board daily and on some days several times will add motivation to give your ideas a try. In the privacy of your home office, you can post pictures of places your wish to travel, notes of praise, and random thoughts of what you want to be doing. Although the idea may not be 100% appealing right now, it would not hurt to give it a try, as it just may work out for you.

Should you have the stubborn gene within you, mentally review the awful commentary from the past. Garner up your energy to silently say, ‘oh yeah, you can watch me make a go of it and do it well!’ But what is important to accept is that there is no perfect answer for how to begin. The fact is, it takes some bravery to start and then continue learning and following through to experience success.

The beauty of social media is that you can find similar thinking people with whom to connect. Some will push their services, but the better few will welcome a collaborative effort. The exponential numbers of finding a community of people dedicated to the joint effort will make an enormous difference for business recognition and growth.

Serve, be served, and contribute to communities to feel satisfaction on multiple levels and know that you are making a difference. Doing so will be the crowning glory for sticking with your strategies for achieving your vision. Keep in mind that working alone for an extended time can become lonely and potentially lead to the notion of giving up.

Smooth Sale Tips: Strategies for Achieving Your Vision

Take time to meditate and focus on what you want to achieve ultimately.

  1. Acknowledge the ideas that repeatedly come to mind.
  2. Consider what may happen if you take action on unique thought.
  3. As you ponder the novel idea, consider related possibilities to enhance the original.
  4. Document everything that comes to mind.
  5. Prioritize the possibilities while verifying those of interest complement one another.
  6. Research the latest technology for implementing the more appealing ideas.
  7. Create achievable goals for the year with target dates for completion.
  8. Continually review and revise the strategies for achieving your vision.

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