Stop Sharing Content, Start Delivering Value

It’s Friday afternoon June 4, 2021, around 4 PM. I am following up with a financial advisor I coach about feedback on another terrific webinar he did today for clients and prospects. Attendance was great, the content was great and usually, I have something of value to add, but not today. Today was about acknowledging the actions he has taken. The response I got back shocked me.

Advisors getting glowing testimonials 

The financial advisor sent his most recent testimonial from one of the clients who joined his weekly webinar. Yes, you heard me correct a weekly webinar for his clients! The testimonial from a client singing his praise, but promoting their advisor to colleagues bragging about their advisor, and asking them if their advisor is doing a weekly webinar. The email said,” who else does that?” The colleagues responded by saying they have only gotten emails from their financial advisor usually, but this email said, that the client “ wasn’t even graced by an email”. Imagine how your clients feel if you have not spoken to them by now. Even worse their statement comes out this week and you have not even called them. Say goodbye to your advisor. 

What are you delivering of value? 

It got me thinking of what other advisors are doing. Sure you are sending out emails to clients, you may also be doing calls, but are you doing webinars to clients and prospects? As my favorite formula, one race car Lewis Hamilton said:” I don’t aspire to be like other drivers, I aspire to be unique in my own way”. Are you doing the same as every other advisor out there, or are you being unique in your own way?

Stop sharing content start demonstrating value

We all can share content on social media, that’s easy. But showing your true value, putting yourself out there and doing webinars for clients and prospects creates tremendous activity, confidence, and initiative. I am encouraging you as a financial professional, be unique, be creative and consider webinars and other ideas to show your value. Tell clients and prospects about your go-forward plans for the next 12 months (that I help advisors build and communicate)

Cool ideas

Here are some other unique ideas. Do a webinar for your clients, and hire a comedian to entertain people and have some fun. Have lunch with a client ( not in person as we have to social distance of course) but order them lunch with a service like “skip the dishes” to you and them, and do a video meeting and have lunch together. Send cool ideas to clients and prospects through delivery such as books or a Netflix party.  One financial advisor sent an amazon package to a prospect of a video camera, microphone, and headset, to get them online for a video call. Guess who has a new client now. Next week I will talk about sharing the "Willing Wisdom Index" for estate and insurance planning discussions. Be creative. 

Making content work

Sharing content is fine, but do you have calls to action in your content? At the bottom of your content, do you have 1-3 calls to action, such as book an appointment, join my webinar or share this article? Do you ask people to share or forward your content to family and friends? Does it have a link to an online calendar link to get appointments? Here is mine if you want to chat 

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