How To Scale Your Business: People


Hi everyone and welcome to The Magellan Network Show. Today, we will continue our conversation about what it takes to scale your financial advisory practice. Last week, we talked about mindset, or your psychology as a leader, and why it plays a vital part in growing your business.  

This week, we’re going to talk about people or talent and why it is critically important.  For business owners, investing in human capital is by far, the most expensive.  So how do we get the most return on our investment?

In this episode, I discussed the following:

(05:18) Why you should always be seeking talent

(07:25) Where can you find young advisor talent

(13:47) Why you need a personal development gameplan for all your team members

(15:15) What prevents most of my larger clients from growing

(16:14) The question you need to ask yourself if you’re unhappy about a member of your team

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