How to Network Like a Millionaire


Today, you will learn how to network like a millionaire. Let’s face it, people who know how to network and take the time to build strong connections are significantly more successful than their peers.

The “new business norm” is reducing our ability to network and meet with people in person. In this episode, we dive into three critical steps that will help you grow your business regardless of outside circumstances.

In How To Network Like a Millionaire, you will learn tips to improve your confidence and self-esteem (if you are like me, networking is not your favorite past time); what the super successful do that others don’t even know about; and, the insight that will put you ahead of the most successful business networkers.

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In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • The first action you must take when networking for business.
  • How to network like a millionaire and grow your business.
  • What makes you 10x more confident and helps you to easily attract more ideal, profitable clients.
  • The #1 skill that will double your success.
  • What to do to have an impact and make a lasting impression.
  • The one thing advisors do to grow their business.
  • What super successful people do that draws people to them.
  • Where you need to focus (this is the difference between rock star networkers and struggling advisors).
  • The best script when asked a question.
  • What successful people do consistently in their communication.
  • Why you should leave your business cards at home during business networking events.

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