How to Find Affluent Clients


In today’s episode, you will learn how to find clients, as well as attract them, in both a virtual and live environment. When you learn how to attract your ideal client, prospecting becomes a lot easier.

In addition, you will learn the process to identify, attract, conduct research, and ultimately serve more ideal, profitable clients.

In today’s training, you will learn:

  • How to attract more affluent clients
  • How advisors and service professionals effectively transitioning their business during a crisis or unexpected event
  • The 3-step financial advisor business plan that works
  • The one strategy that works with any niche market
  • How to identify your level three “why,” so you have the motivation you need to achieve your goal
  • The lead generation process that makes prospecting easier
  • The process to find more clients, as well as how to attract them
  • How to acquire new assets during a crisis. Specifically, how to find new business virtually and in person.
  • The one task you must consistently complete, so you can attract, serve, and retain more clients
  • The insight that makes prospecting easy and simple
  • How to discover your ideal client (so you don’t waste valuable resources, including time and money, trying to figure it out)
  • Why research is so important in the process
  • The best question to ask prospects (this is a game changer)
  • The first step to acquire news clients (the best news, very few advisors and consultants know about it, so you have very little competition)

Download the free guide here: “How to Get Your Share of Affluent Women & Couples Clients Guide”

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