How to DIAL IN Your Business to be EXACTLY What Your Clients Want

If you are listening to this podcast… I know one thing about you already. You care. You care A LOT. You want your business to be successful and you want to have a practice that delivers the highest quality financial planning you are capable of and a business that prospects FLOCK to.

And today, I am going to give you a tool that gives you the inside track on how to build, not just a good business, but an excellent one. We’re going to discuss EXACTLY what it takes to dial in your business to be an IDEAL business for your ideal clients. A business that clients are loyal too.

And of course, running a business is like baking a cake… there are a lot of ingredients in different amounts to come up with the perfect end product… so today is just one ingredient in the recipe. BUT a big one. Consider today like the baking powder of the recipe… if you don’t do this… your cake – your business – will fall flat and not rise the way you want to… even if you get everything else right!!!

In today's episode we get into:

  • What does it mean to co-create your planning process?
  • What is REAL feedback?How do we get it?
  • What do we do with this?
  • What don't we do with it?
  • And how do we use it to go from good, to great, to excellent!

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