How to Deal With Not “Right Fit” Existing Clients, Referrals, and Prospects (Kindly!)

Today I am letting you in on a conversation about how to handle clients, referrals and prospects that are just not a right fit for your practice for whatever reason.

Recently I’ve had a ton of Advisors come to me and say,

  • “Libby, how do you actually tell a client that they are not a good fit for your practice?”
  • “Libby, how do you tell a client or a center of influence that the referral they sent isn’t ideal?”
  • “How do I do this politely, and at the same time make my message really clear?”
  • And, “What do I do if I have a client who turns out to be way needier than I anticipated and I totally underpriced their plan and I’m worried about having them in my book long term?”

So…. when I saw these messages coming through on Facebook in the Efficient advisor community I knew this was a topic that would require more than just a quick response.

This week I hopped on a call with Advisor Vicky Lilley and we talked through these questions and I give EXACT strategies and EXACT language to use when you bump up against these issues!

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