How To Create Your Holiday Business Growth Strategy


Today, in Business Growth Strategy, you will learn how to create your Holiday Business Growth Strategy. After watching, you will learn how to grow your business with more ideal, profitable clients.

Early in my career, I was told that the holidays were a slow time and that it was hard to make money. And while I initially believed my managers and co-workers, I wasn’t wealthy and so I had to work during the holidays. Interestingly, I discovered that holidays can be very profitable with the right startegy. Today, I break it down and show you what I discovered.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create results throughout the year
  • What you must do to better attract your ideal prospects
  • How successful service-based professionals achieve more success regardless of the time of the year
  • What successful people do differently in their businesses
  • How to grow your business during the holidays, get more clients, and enjoy life more
  • Why research is so important.
  • What you must do when conducting research
  • The biggest determinant of your results
  • The most critical first step
  • What most people do that keeps them struggling
  • The process to make your business growth goal a reality
  • How to attract more ideal, affluent clients
  • The business growth strategy

There are many reasons to connect with your clients and prospects during the year. For example, remembering their birthday and celebrating their anniversary or a promotion will create a deeper relationship and help them remember you during the holidays. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to reach them via telephone or email or have your calls returned.

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