How to Build Referrals and Fuel Sales

Most everyone craves receiving referrals, but only a small percentage of people are successful. Today’s blog examines the better ways to build your reputation and receive introductions for potential new business.

Establish credibility and trust first for referrals to follow.

Referrals are the best source for qualified leads. However, the worst error most representatives make is to inquire about new introductions while only mid-way in the sales cycle. Their request is premature. A downward spiral follows as uncertainty builds in the prospective client’s eyes. The declining trust interferes with the process and kills all likelihood of a sale.

Improved Approach

As a salesperson, I would ask happy clients if they might know of any person or company in need of a similar service. Those who enjoyed working with me would willingly offer referrals. Some would also provide a personal introduction. The personal touch works the best as it lends added credibility.

Through the years, I attended many networking events and functions on behalf of my entrepreneurial endeavor. A small percentage of people and I became fast friends. Through the years we remained in touch to become fans of each other’s work. Accordingly, we hold each other in mind when the occasion arises to make personal introductions for both referrals and collaborative efforts.

Upon technology changing, I saw the wisdom in sharing my best content to help others. Those who read, watch, and listen to my instruction ask to connect with me. But social media took the referral concept a step further. Sharing the work of others online is very similar to providing referrals as it blasts their brand worldwide.

Every type of referral presents an opportunity to convert albeit a client, collaborative partner, or media interviews. We are very fortunate to have social media available to us as that has proven to be the best way to build one’s brand and fuel sales.

If you have been wondering about how to receive more qualified referrals, consider these questions:

  • Have you been asking for referrals before or after a sale finalizes?
  • Are you sharing your best insights online?
  • Do you volunteer referrals?
  • Social platforms provide one of the easiest ways to be seen and become known. Make a habit of sharing at least one piece of valuable advice per day. If you have time to share more, all the better. However, avoid the error of most who try to push their services. The system is utilized best when you use the non-sales approach by being helpful instead.

    Reciprocity and being the first to volunteer referrals goes a long way for receiving them. Should you believe there is room for improvement, begin listing the needed changes. Make it a daily habit of building credibility by helping others with your sage advice and promoting theirs too. Develop a process for creating a recognized brand and receiving highly qualified referrals.

    Sales Tips

  • Ask for referrals after a client expresses appreciation.
  • Build long-term relationships with those whose work complements yours.
  • Refer people voluntarily as you see the fit.
  • Include personal introductions with your referrals.
  • Mentor in communities.
  • Share your best online.
  • Promote the content of others.
  • Practice reciprocity.
  • Express appreciation for referrals and provide updates.
  • Celebrate Success!