How Successful People Hire a Money Mindset Coach


In today’s episode, you will learn what successful people do before they hire a coach, how they choose their consultants, and what they don’t do.

If you want to take your business, life, or money to the next level, a money mindset coach may help you on your journey. Achieving your goal requires that you understand how successful people think and what they do. It is also important to understand how they hire advisors, coaches, and consultants.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The question you must ask before you hire a financial coach (or get hired)
  • How to get clear so you can clarify your goal and ultimate objective
  • What to do to avoid hiring the wrong advisor or coach
  • The one thing you must do if you are an advisor or coach
  • The insight you need to understand building wealth vs. maintaining it
  • How successful people think about the team they hire
  • The key decisions wealthy clients make when it comes to creating a winning team
  • An explanation of P&L and balance sheet
  • The biggest difference between people who have money versus people who don’t
  • The mindset successful people possess and how you can develop it (this is a must do if you want to succeed)
  • How wealthy people think and act versus poor and broke people
  • A simple shift in thinking that can change the trajectory of your financial future forever
  • The best insight for making the right decision (do this and you can’t help but succeed)

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