Four Ways to How to Handle: We Already Have Someone

Prospects are good at blowing sales reps off the phone.

Believe it or not, they have scripts just like you do, and one of their favorites is: “We already have someone who handles that.”

This is an easy stall to get around—if you know how.

And after reading today’s post, you’ll have several ways to get past this stall and earn the right to have a conversation:

Approach One:

“I understand and I’ll try not to make too many waves here. Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you did compare services and pricing – you know, just to keep current on what’s available to you?”

Approach Two:

“I’m with you and believe me—I’m not here to cause trouble. But let me ask you this: isn’t it wise to at least know about your options just in case you need to make a change at some time in the future?”

Approach Three:

“I’m with you. So, tell you what: instead of me trying to sell you something, let me just educate you on what’s currently available in the marketplace—you know, so in case you need something further down the line, you’ll know who to call—that can’t hurt, right?”

Approach Four:

“No problem, I fully understand. Let me ask you this though: If something were to happen to your current provider, wouldn’t you at least want a dependable backup plan so you didn’t miss a beat?”

As you can see, these responses are meant to help you go around the stall/objection, instead of having you try to overcome it.

Try these this week and adjust them to your personality and your product or service. The more automatic you make them, the better you’ll get at getting past these stalls.

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