How Financial Advisors Can Master Client Acquisition Through Webinars

The most common question I have had during quarantine is how to prospect now? Financial advisors have literally called me out of the blue to ask this question "how can I prospect working from home?".

For example, let’s call him Fred Flintstone. Fred asked me “Grant I need help, I have not prospected for years and I am not getting as many referrals, so what should I do? I reply by asking “Fred what are you doing now? “ His reply was, “nothing I live in the stone age”. I don’t use social media, I don’t do video calls and I have never done a webinar”. I asked Fred, how many centres of influence that he works with? Fred said one or two. “Fred we are going to do a webinar.”

How do we get started? 

"Fred, I said, the first thing we are going to do is to book three dates in the next month, the first date is a practice webinar and the second two dates are webinars for clients, prospects, and centers of influence.” Fred started sweating and said” what do I talk about? “ Clarity “, I said “the number one thing people want and need help with getting. We will do a webinar on helping people have clarity around their future through goals-based planning and advice. Do you think you could talk about that? Absolutely he said” I have been talking to each individual client for 30 minutes about that exactly. You mean to tell me I can talk to 50 clients and prospects at once through a webinar? “Exactly” you can have one conversation or 50. Just draft up a PowerPoint with pictures, which I can help you with and get it approved by your branch manager and compliance department” Excellent what else do I need to do Fred said?

Get your list of people to invite 

"Next, get your list of people you would like to invite. This is a perfect excuse to message clients, prospects centers of influence family, and anyone you know or have tried to do business with. Use this as an excuse to check-in and invite people to your webinar" Fred replied by saying", got it, can you help me with the invitations? Yes, I can. Do you have a CRM or mailing system to send them out? Yes, I do Fred replied. "Great let's write up an invite and a call script. The third item is to set up the software Fred. I use zoom and zoom webinar, it doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you use it. You can consider webinar jam Gotowebinar or others. We will set up three dates in the webinar software. The software will create a link for people to go and sign up for your webinar, which is a web page also known as a landing page. This will allow prospects and centers of influence to sign up. “Wow you make it sound easy,” Fred said. That is because it is easy, it is a proven way to prospect and it works.

How many contacts do you have on your cell phone? 

I asked Fred “ how many contacts are in your cell phone,” Fred said about 500. Now start there and invite as many people as you know. People will want to support your business, so just ask them to support you by joining your webinar. It does not matter if 3 or 30 or 300 people show up, it is the follow up that measures results. It is not like a seminar where the room looks empty. Webinars are an excuse for activity and follow up. Next, we need to have a great follow up by offering something valuable to send to them after the webinar. Fred, what would be valuable for them? “Well,’ Fred said” I have a couple of really good goals-based planning checklists I always talk about, and I have a couple of really good books, how does that sound? Perfect select a few offers and plan to send them out after the webinar. Then follow up to set up a phone call or video call to engage them further about what you discussed at the webinar. Now you have the process, and we are implementing it for you in the next two weeks. Sounds exciting Fred said I can’t wait to get started. Here is your checklist Fred.

Go for it and you will continue webinars for the rest of the year, to reach more and more people than ever before!  

___ Step 1 – Book three dates, one for a practice webinar and two for the live webinars one week apart. 

___ Step 2 – creating call lists – clients prospects COI's influencers – have a call script and an email script for invitations     – Do you have a webinar template that you can use? Make sure you make up a webinar script This template will be used over and over again-   

___ Step 3- Select your webinar software and input the three dates with the webinar invite. Design presentation and get it all approved by compliance and branch manager  

___ Step 4 – Deliver your 30-45 minute webinars in 2 consecutive weeks Some people are not ready to take action now, ( some are) but make offers to them, teach them what they don’t know and build a database and drip process

___ Step 5 – Follow up is the goal- sending a package – book – digital ebook-organizer – checklist guide, or  Willing Wisdom Index 

___ Step 6– book a video meeting - have your emotionally compelling offers script and offer, fee audits stress testing and the probability of success  

___ Step 7 - Onboarding online process with your team – the success is in the process to onboard them easily and remotely 

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