How Do You Handle An Error that Goes Viral?

Pressing the Enter key on my computer created havoc in my mind and online.

In the instant that I recognized my problem, I quickly deleted the entry and re-entered the information. But a Nano-second is all it takes for the information to go viral!

Catching the problem immediately and fixing it did not stop the platform from informing all of my contacts that I have a new job. Actually, no I don’t, and I was in a moment of bewilderment of what to do next, and then the answer came.

Should you be one of my connections on LinkedIn, you may have seen the announcement. Thankfully, I learned to laugh at my errors while figuring out what to do next. In this case, my contacts helped me find the answer, and it was perfect.

I’m the one who writes about building relationships to build sales, and gave it thought as the opportunity came before me. Hundreds of people wrote to congratulate me. It turns out that my error became a public relations opportunity in disguise. Accordingly, I wrote back each person to thank them. For those I know, it became the perfect time to reconnect and ask what is new in their world. Further dialogue occurred. Even better was someone with whom I lost contact, chose to write, and we will connect live after a very long while of silence.

In the early days, I used to beat myself up about silly errors and embarrassing moments. But maturity brings insight to welcome these episodes as windows of opportunity to perform better. Very often new ideas come to mind when these mishaps occur, and then our business leapfrogs forward. Long ago, I advised clientele to change their vocabulary from ‘failure’ to ‘marketing research.’ With a positive frame of mind, one can move forward far more quickly with a more robust plan in place.

You aren’t alone if you have recently experienced an embarrassing moment or made an error.

One of the best moves is to call a trusted friend to get the frustration out and gain new ideas for an improved plan. The entire process depends on a positive mindset.

When difficulties arise, do you:

  • Beat yourself up
  • Wonder if you should quit
  • Or do you plan a new beginning?
  • One has to be highly motivated and determined to move past the problems and succeed. Perseverance is key along with a willingness to continually improve via education and new strategies. Consider how you rate yourself when it comes to these matters. Are there areas in which you can improve today?

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    Begin listing the tasks that are to be undertaken to make a difference in your outcome. Prioritize the list regarding time, money, and the value it will bring to your endeavor. And then put a completion date next to each topic. If you are the motivated type, you will take immediate action and get through the entire list. Along the way, document the changes seen in your work and new extended offers coming your way.

    The extra attention on your end and from those who contact you will add motivation to do more. Accordingly, keep your audiences up to date on your work. Last of all, be careful how you post your updates so your error won’t go viral!