How Do You Arouse Curiosity?

With a need to sell ideas and services successfully, the question becomes, how do you arouse curiosity? When others begin asking us questions, it is the first indicator that there is potential for making a sale.  

The ultimate goal is the ability to answer the question, how do you arouse curiosity? Behind the question is the less familiar fact that showing interest in the people with whom you connect will influence the sale.

Prospective clients will welcome a conversation if they see a possibility in what you represent to help alleviate some of their concerns. In simple terms, they put themselves and their situation ahead of anything you may have to share. And to be blunt, each prospect views themselves as more important than any of us. You can imagine what happens when sellers put themselves first.

Today and almost every day, I receive a message similar to: “I asked you to respond if you have an interest in my service but did not hear back. Please send me your requirements so that I can have the appropriate person respond to you.” And every time, I suggest they change their rhetoric that states, ‘…if you have an interest…’ I’m following their direction; ‘no interest, do not respond.’

To sell successfully, we are to grasp the idea that we are less important than the prospective client. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves by becoming familiar with the company, its top competitors, and the industry. Only then is it possible to have intelligent conversations and understand how we may best be of service.

During the initial meeting, the focus is to be on the prospective client. 

Asking questions such as, ‘you must be so busy, why did you agree to meet with me today?’ will put the conversation on the direct route and leads to a more comprehensive understanding.

My experience was that everyone happily answered the question. More insight came my way than I ever anticipated. The collective responses and added remarks let me know why I stood out. I put their interests before mine, and the sales followed.

Selling is no easy task, and it requires extra learning hours in one’s private time. The subject matters to be reasonably conversant with are extensive. And what matters most is how we communicate what we know. The ultimate goal is in the truthfulness for answering the question, how do you arouse curiosity? Underlying the question is, are you doing it successfully? 

You may be wondering, ‘But what about the sale?’ Typically, upon witnessing our interest in the other person, that individual begins to take an interest in us. The tables turn as we arouse curiosity in the other party, increasing their desire to learn more.

The sales conversation is about reciprocity. The client-to-be is to be the first to speak, and then it becomes the representative’s turn. The time allotments should either be equal or more time given to the prospective client. The verbal ping pong game is next, consisting of asking and answering questions. All of this indicates whether we do arouse curiosity.

The conversation then evolves into speaking about the benefits clients will receive by working with us. Once again, the focus is on the other party discovering what they need and aligning the service benefits they can expect. At this stage, we move beyond merely arousing curiosity; we are at the phase of evoking the desire to purchase from us.

One evening take the time to compare the effort you put in with your favorite client versus a prospect who quickly told you no. It’s a known fact that only a tiny percentage of people welcome a conversation to learn more. However, if responses and sales are not as robust as you expect, it’s good to review your processes for possible improvement.

The following three issues are common errors among many salespeople. 

Do You:

  • Speak more than you should?
  • Attempt to sell too early in the sales cycle?
  • Communicate from your point of view vs. that of your intended client?

It’s a smile and a genuine interest in the other person or group of people that will influence them to take the time to learn more. Before any appointment, let go of the pressure to make the sale. Instead, adopt the mindset to focus on the person and their work to learn as much as you can. Only then will you provide the solution they need that will arouse curiosity and welcome further conversations.

Sales Tips: How Do You Arouse Curiosity?

  1. Put the focus on your prospect first.
  2. Attempt to understand their current situation and needs.
  3. Gain an understanding of all the elements affected by the central issue.
  4. Ask how they see a solution.
  5. Inquire why they chose you and your company for a conversation.
  6. Connect the dots to their issues and why they asked you to meet.
  7. Inquire whether the issue is company-wide or just the one department.
  8. Develop credibility and trust via your questions and answers.
  9. Stand out as someone who cares and dedicates herself to doing your best work.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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