Five Power Phrases to Increase Trust With Prospects

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It was Albert Einstein who said “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” The simplest forms of communication can lead to powerful results. Here are 5 passive phrases and their more powerful version that will align yourself quickly with those you serve. Most of these are aimed at financial services but one can easily modify for their industry.


Passive: I’d like to tell you a little bit about me and my company.

Powerful: Your personal story seems unique, you’ll love the values that our firm is founded on.


Passive: Which option makes the most sense for you?

Powerful: Making a decision is an important step, many of my clients sleep well at night knowing option 2 is working for them. Which option feels right for the both of you?

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Passive: Is this something you’d like to start today?

Powerful: Starting today will remove the problems you mentioned earlier, we have most of the paperwork ready for you to review right now.


Passive: I will follow-up with you once everything is moved over.

Powerful: Over the next few days we will be arranging for a smooth transition, after which we will be able to review everything together to ensure a solid start.


Passive: Who do you know that might need a review of their estate?

Powerful: Since we started this relationship, I’ve really valued your commitment to the process, and we can see together that we have been able to improve your position. I’d be grateful to be able to create this same experience for those you respect. Which colleague do you feel could benefit from a relationship like this?