Do Your Projects Have Purpose?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m going to…” but that something special never happens? Most often the project did not hold enough importance, or it lacked purpose. Ideas that get lost in everyday busywork is due to the lack of a 100% commitment. Another reason for not moving forward is fear.

However, a safety net exists that may ease the fear. Keep in mind that should the anticipated outcome not materialize lessons come to light that will be beneficial for future endeavors. For those who are in the process of building credibility and trust, it’s best not to make grand announcements until the project is under way.

The improved outcome is that others will see you as a motivated person who strives to learn and implement. It speaks well of who you are that you are to be trusted. The next step is to have a high enough purpose that the outcome will make it well worthwhile to proceed.

I have had multiple experiences with writing books and being published. The first book was written with the goal to establish credibility and show that I am well versed in sales. The material was written to mentor readers as were the books that followed. After the first two experiences of working with recognized publishing houses, I experimented with self-publishing and then usage of Kindle.

Weighing Perspectives

A couple of friends recently suggested that today’s new books should be viewed primarily as income generators. Varying viewpoints have me weighing the pros and cons of each. In fact, I collect all of the ideas to share with others. People frequently ask for my insights about writing books and whether they should use a formal publishing house, rely on Kindle, or contract with a self-publishing house.

It is noteworthy that a small percentage of people are hugely successful making large sums of money with creating and selling books themselves. Should this be the route you wish to take, I would highly recommend asking one of these people for mentoring. Most often there are steep upfront costs for books to do well. Those costs include book cover design, book layout, and editing. There is much to consider before you get started on this path.

After sharing possibilities available along with pros and cons of each, I always suggest taking the intent for the book under careful consideration. Understanding the long-term goal leads to improved decision-making.

I recently asked a woman if her desire is to view her upcoming book as an income generator as her daughter did, or if her focus is on becoming known as a spokesperson in her field. The latter would suggest going with a traditional publishing house. Researching all of the facts, upfront, to match your priorities leads to the better decisions.

Think back to pronouncements you may have made over the past five years. Are you one to follow through on projects or do you have a habit of bowing out at the last minute? Should you be one who drops ideas after telling everyone you will do something, consider whether it’s time to cut out the drama and find a way to break the habit.

The first thing to do is to figure out if fear is standing in your way. Should this be the case, it’s may be time for personal-professional development classes. Public speaking classes or further training in your field build confidence and help put the fear aside.

Strive to be one who personifies trust and credibility so that others continually seek you out. Carefully construct your persona and simultaneously watch your career lift off.

Sales Tips

  • Keep your promises.
  • Should fear enter your mind, get help.
  • Take personal development classes. Hire a coach.
  • Practice speaking in public.
  • Establish credibility and trust wherever you go.
  • Build an admired personal brand.
  • Try new ideas to practice getting past the fear.
  • Expand the new ideas into new endeavors for greater achievement.
  • Celebrate success!