Do You Know Your Objective When Presenting to Women?

When creating a proprietary workshop or seminar for women, three steps will create a seamless presentation that makes an impact. 

Step 1: Identify your Objective

Knowing your objective for your event is critical to measuring your success and defining how you approach your event.

Is your objective to:

  • Inspire more referrals from clients?
  • Gain more appointments with prospective clients?
  • Elevate brand awareness in your community?
  • Build stronger connections with your female clients?

Knowing what you want to accomplish can significantly impact how you promote, market, and present your message.

Step 2: Clarify your 3 Key points

Your three key points will become the foundation of your whole presentation. Assume that when participants leave your event, they can only remember three key points. What do you want those points to be? Once you have defined those points, you can then start building the educational component of your presentation around these three points.

Using your three key points, you can break your presentation into three components, each component building and reinforcing one key point, which leads to the next key point. At the end of the presentation, you will summarize your key points and reinforce why they are essential. This supports the training mantra of “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them.”

Based on my Savvy Women Seminar, here is an example of my three key points:

Participants will leave with:

  1. A clear understanding as to your purpose for your money
  2. How to use your strengths as a woman to make smart decisions with your money
  3. What you can do now to become more engaged in your financial life

Step 3: Develop your PPP (Purpose, Process, Payoff)

Based on your three key points, you can now define your PPP:

  • The PURPOSE for the presentation
  • Your PROCESS, what you will be discussing
  • The PAYOFF, what the participants will leave with.

As you develop your PPP, keep in mind that this will provide you with guidance as to your presentation but will also be developed into what you say at the beginning of any seminar or workshop:

Here is what it takes to define your PPP:

PURPOSE: Clarify why you are doing this workshop and what you hope to achieve, for example,

“The purpose of this presentation is to show women they are totally capable of making smart decisions with their money by simply tapping into their natural strengths as women.”

PROCESS: Explain how the workshop will work. You can briefly state the topics you plan to cover and any activities that you may introduce. Be clear as to how long the workshop will last (and be sure and stay on time, this is critical).

“During today’s presentation, I want to hear from you. This isn’t about me and what I think; this is about you, your life, and your money. I’m going to be asking lots of questions that will inspire some lively discussions that will inspire new thoughts and confidence. The workshop will end at ______. For those who have other commitments, I will be available for those who want to learn more. “

PAYOFF: Articulate what they will leave the presentation with, these are really what I call your three key points, and everything you create in the workshop should be directed to reinforcing these benefits or key points. This is a critical component as you develop your content.

“I want you to leave this presentation with:

  • A clear understanding as to your purpose for your money
  • How to use your strengths as a woman to make smart decisions with your money
  • What you can do now to become more engaged in your financial life”

Once you have defined your objectives and clarified your three key points, you can then articulate your Purpose, Process, and Payoff, leading into your educational component.

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