Do You Heed Life Lessons?

When we begin our careers, we have yet to learn about the pitfalls we may soon face. The same applies to building a business. Those who do succeed are the ones who heed life lessons to overcome unforeseen challenges and move beyond. But for those who don’t, excuses fly for quitting to exclaim their track was not to be. The slogan, ‘think positive!’ offers much merit and is to be with us at all times.

When we surround ourselves with similar-minded people, motivation for one another picks up as ideas emerge. To my surprise, someone asked me to provide him with motivational quotes, to which I responded: I’ll be happy to do so, but can you tell me why you ask? He then answered that his goal is to help students and those starting their careers. The answer was perfect, as that is my mission, too. 

On another level, the quotes I heard and accepted throughout the years motivated me to push past the obstacles before me to achieve my desires. Accordingly, we need to heed life lessons when we desire to accomplish all we hold in mind.

Below you will read one quote spoken to me that started me on my unique path, and the ones that I created upon experiencing seemingly the worst of the day to arrive at better moments. May they inspire thought for you to move forward with a smile!

In My Youth

Bullies surrounded me everywhere, and I shriveled up to cry on one occasion. But the same day, everything changed when I heard:

“If you don’t stand up for yourself, no one else will.”

The Benefits: Personal and Business

The one quote saved me from ever allowing another to pull me down with them. Heeding the advice, I began to tune into the personality of everyone I encountered. I began to carefully listen to their choice of words, plus watch their body language and facial expressions. If any sign of inconsistency or rudeness were evident, I would set the person on their heels to ask many questions to examine their responses and behaviors further. 

People called me intuitive, but that is only sometimes correct because I was heeding life lessons. Accordingly, long before I knew it, I grew into the personality that successful salespeople possess.

Question, listen, and clarify to sell well.

Persistence Will Keep You In The Game

Business Advancement

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Never give up; find a better way. 

Seek the nuggets of gold in the nasty remarks to launch your business forward.

Baby steps every day will get you to your goal.

Nothing is impossible with the desire to figure out your best path forward, regardless of what others think.

Remember, you are unique, and what will or won’t work for others may not necessarily prove true for you. 

Eliminate the rhetoric, ‘you should,’

A. Being competitive helps you to win trophies and some recognition. However, being collaborative gives you a much wider audience with far greater opportunities to achieve the success you never imagined

B. People who brag do so because they have a severe lack of confidence 

C. When nastiness is yours for the keeping, put on your well-oiled super person cape to fly upward, and the darts fall to
the floor.

Leadership Success

The better leadership style is to be inclusive and embrace diversity and inclusion. Listening to understand brings about a more comprehensive range of possibilities. People from varying backgrounds possess various experiences from which we may all learn. By embracing and acting upon the concept, your perspective widens, solutions will deepen, and success will expand.

Never brag about accomplishments, but share your best insights with people following your lead so they may advance and, one day, lead others.

‘Believe, Become, Empower.’


Every morning awake with renewed enthusiasm for your long-term vision and focus on that goal to do what is necessary for a baby-step advance every day. Keep a notepad and pen near your bedside if the thought comes to capture it in the middle of the night, and then quickly go back to sleep. Before you retire in the evening, write what you need to complete the next day.


  • Trust is the soul of sales and all else that you do.
  • Consistency in words, actions, and deeds develops trust and builds a reputable brand.
  • A dedication to learning plus trial and error to retry will get you to your goal.
  • Our worst experiences are our gifts in disguise.
  • Respectfully listen to all perspectives to realize the gold nuggets previously unknown.
  • The collaborative effort can bring about exponential growth with supportive peers.

Heed Life Lessons to Improve Relationships

Strive to be among people who accept your ideas, admire them, and contribute more so you may all be successful.

The sales term cold calling of days long ago referred to an aggressive pursuit of prospective clients. However, cold calling today can refer to making friendly professional connections and attracting interest in what you offer minus aggressive techniques. The style works very well.

To receive better introductions, be respectful of all. No matter who you encounter, their professional title matters not. However, what matters most is how you treat them because they know the executives who can help you advance.

Above all, be truthful with consistency intact. Your words, actions, and deeds are essential because friendship underlies all your interactions and all communications. You need to demonstrate what people want to know about you to attract them to your services and see the business expand.

In Conclusion:  Heed Life Lessons

Believe in Yourself! Nothing is impossible with the mindset to continue, no matter the obstacles in your path. Positive thinking will help you arrive at your destination only to move beyond! Looking back, you will be amazed by all that you have accomplished.

Those who do succeed are the ones who heed life lessons to overcome unforeseen challenges and move beyond. But for those who don’t, excuses fly.

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