Two Simple Words to Open More Doors and Close More Sales

The first word is “please.” 

This may sound elemental, but I rarely hear sales reps use it when speaking with gatekeepers.

Instead, they just barge in and ask if so-and-so is available.

Or they just say they’re trying to reach so-and-so.

Rarely, however, do they use the most effective opening of all:

“Hi, is ________ available please.”

Try it this week and watch yourself get further with gatekeepers than you ever have.

The second word is, “thank you.”

Again, I know, this sounds too simple, too common place, too commonsensical. But you know what they say about common sense, right? “It’s not too common.”

I listen to hundreds of calls every month, and I rarely hear thank you (or please).

When a gatekeep puts you through, say thank you.

When someone asks how you are, say, “Thanks for asking…”

And so on.

This week, get in the habit of being super polite, of using these basic words of curtesy, and watch how people react in kind.

And watch how much further you get with gatekeepers! 

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