Be Uniquely Different in the Way You Give

It’s sometimes scary to think we are to give our knowledge to a group comprised of highly successful individuals. For some unknown reason, we believe others know everything while our experience does not compare. But do know this, the executive suite does not always have leaders who know the most; they are instead dependent upon the vast combined experience of their employees.

I’ve come to realize that many of us make the same error and that is believing an executive has or should have all the answers. This philosophy is old school and no longer holds true for the companies doing well today. Too much information and technology exist for one person to know it all. Instead, the brilliance in the executive leaders is seen in their finding the perfect talent to help the company succeed. It becomes a team event where everyone is made to feel important. The combined effort is motivational for each to continue striving to help the company remain on the cutting edge.

In some instances, I have been surprised by requests for help from those considered to have expertise far beyond mine. Admittedly, although I know all of the above, it has taken me some time to accept it. It is when we find our niche that we stand out from the crowd. As you have witnessed, I write quite a bit and enjoy social media. Accordingly, organizations have requested my help with building recognition for their work. My surprise goes to prove another point, and that is when you work on what you enjoy the most, unexpected reward arrives including newly built relationships and additional sales.

For your career or business to move forward, consider the following questions:

  • Are you doing what you enjoy?
  • Do you continually strive to improve upon what you already know?
  • Are you comfortable work with all levels of experienced people?
  • Hopefully, your answers are unanimously a ‘yes!’ And if one or more answers are ‘no’, take the time to think about how you may improve upon the situation. It’s nice to be enjoying our work, but it’s also a great feeling to be the one called upon for help. Developing the combination of the two will have you energetically working for a long time to come.

    The only remaining question is, what is your long term vision? Always keep the ultimate success you wish to achieve in mind as it becomes the motivator to do your best every day. At the same time, revisit your vision frequently because as times and experience change, your long-term view may also morph into something very different. As the decisions are made concerning the what and how to change, you should feel a smile as you recognize how far you have come and that anything is possible.

    Sales Tips

  • Become comfortable speaking with people of all types of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Never belittle your experience but strive to learn from others.
  • Contribute your insights wherever and whenever appropriate.
  • Be seen as helpful and meanwhile build influence.
  • Encourage opinions and insights of others.
  • Weigh what might work best for you of all the input received.
  • Be dedicated to your niche.
  • Become known for your expertise.
  • Mentor people who are coming up behind you.
  • Celebrate Success