Are You Too Intense While In Conversation?

A prospect can immediately sense whether they will enjoy the conversation with you. The businesspeople who strictly focus on the sale, the commission and bonus, and crossing the must do’s off their list, unfortunately, see a need to add one more ‘must-do.’ The addition is to find another job because they aren’t as successful as one should be.

To be successful, broadcast a friendly smile and enjoy your work!

You may scoff at the idea, but a smile is not only seen, but it can also be heard in your voice. Keep your smile on display as often as possible. A stranger on the street will appreciate your smile as will the guard, the receptionist, and the person walking you down the hallway to meet with the CEO. Your clientele will embrace the idea of working with you for the long-term.

Business pundits always suggest you do an A/B split test for how your strategies are working. Our previous blog, “Is Your Style of Conversation Working Producing Results?” will provide added insight for improvement.

In addition to having fun conversations with my clientele , humor is also on my side. One year I got very tired of literally cold calling in the territory, so I tried an experiment. I photocopied funny pictures and added a caption that had everyone laughing.

Laughter is the Attraction Strategy

One flyer per week for four weeks was sent to my desired prospect list. And then I began calling each person to see if I would be invited in to meet. Uniformly, these were the words I heard, “How soon can you make it? I’m dying to meet you!” The even better surprise was when I did walk into the office, my flyers were displayed on the walls. By the time some of us met, ten flyers were showcased. My competitors lucky enough to get an appointment shuddered at the sight and soon afterward quit their job.

Not everyone has a creative mind, but everyone can wear a smile and focus on a two-way conversation. Speaking of animals, on another occasion, I walked into the office of a gentleman who was in charge of purchasing for the city he represented. The office was in a basement, with pipes bulging, and nothing to see as a conversation starter.

But as I sat down, I spotted a picture of a horse on his desk. The only question I could think of was, “What is the name of your horse?” The man spoke for 30 minutes about his beloved horse and how he planned to retire on the farm. Within a month the entire city became my account.

The Three-Step Sales Process Simplified

  • Engaging conversations quickly catch the interest of prospects.
  • Why did you agree to meet is the question that begins a serious discussion.
  • A meeting of the minds to find the best solution earns the sale.
  • Those who decide to go this route, versus being intense and focus solely on the sale, will be the ones who excel in their career.

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    Most salespeople will bring their computer to the first meeting and immediately begin to showcase about one hundred PowerPoint slides and speak in technical jargon. They overlook the fact that the first gathering is for prospective clients to determine if they can trust you, and will like working with you. In this scenario, most reps are shown the door as quickly as possible.

    Should you have lots of pressure on you to make the sale, then the best tactic is to have your pipeline flowing over with possibilities. The added benefit to a full pipeline is to avoid the typical highs and lows most salespeople face. Once they make a sale, they have to scramble to find their next prospect. However, by having many possibilities lined up, you can have relaxed and in-depth conversations to get to know your clientele and serve them well.

    Sales Tips

  • Toss the script to figure out how you may interest someone to grant an appointment.
  • Release tension before meeting with clientele.
  • Smile wherever you go.
  • Greet people in the office with a friendly hello.
  • Omit the totem pole syndrome of employee importance in larger companies.
  • Treat everyone as if they are the CEO of their job.
  • During the holidays, ask everyone if they have special plans.
  • While you build sales knowledge, strive to build relationships.
  • Signs of hobbies are always a good way to begin the conversation.
  • Celebrate Success!