Are You Confusing Your Clients? Focusing Your Planning Options to Reduce Indecision

When you are pitching your process to prospects you have one job: To help your clients make a decision to move forward with you.

Analysis paralysis, decision fatigue, and mental overload. Our potential clients are exhausted by the speed at which the world moves today. All the decisions they are making at work, as parents, as children of aging parents, at home.... SO.MANY.DECISIONS.

In this episode we dive into how simplifying and clarifying your offers can help your clients move forward with confidence and ease. Our goal is to reduced confusion and streamline your offerings so that clients don't have to "think about it" too hard.

We'll uncover the small things you might be doing in your pitching process that is making it harder for you to guide your clients out of indecision and into planning with you.

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