Are Roadblocks a Gift in Disguise?

It is safe to say that everyone has hit Roadblocks in their journey. But not everyone can successfully deal with the sudden closures found on their chosen path.

Meet the challenge head on with a smile as you step aside to leap forward! For a humorous example read my story appearing in Sales Pop

Many of my stories have been shared over time revealing the need to keep my cool upon encountering Roadblocks with the need to create a new strategic plan. Those who attempt to bully me in the beginning, are usually scratching their head at the end of the story and asking themselves, “What just happened?” followed by, “How did it happen?”

Today, Beth and I had a conversation during which we realized that we have much in common. Her recent employer and staff did all they could to force Beth out although she did a remarkable job with earning a loyal clientele. Recognizing what was in store, Beth’s response was to smile and say ‘I appreciate the experience, thank you!’

Further conversation with Beth had me realize that she is about to become highly successful on her own. The best part is that Beth also plans to mentor and motivate youth to become their best and encourage them similarly to help someone else.

In my mind, this is the essence of what social media brings to the business playground. Sifting through the postings and tweets for those who provide meaningful thought, helpful insights, and inspiration, I choose to connect and then share.

The collaborative effort attracts more and more similar minded people. We all benefit by having not only our messaging spread further, but brand recognition significantly builds. The side benefit is when Roadblocks do occur, we are in good company online to learn from those who have experienced similar circumstances.

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When faced with strong-arm tactics:

  • Breathe deeply, smile, and analyze where the disconnect began.
  • Convey you understand the fit is no longer there and appreciate the insight.
  • Feel the reward of freedom to create a new plan your way.
  • I have found that the freedom of working my way becomes the motivating force to do the very best I may. The focus and determination are stronger than ever enabling quicker progress. Many times over, I’ve seen people asking, “what just happened?” Instead of drowning as predicted, I became seen as a person to follow. All of the previous Roadblocks are what disappeared, In the end, the original upset proved to be a gift in disguise.

    Most people will become visibly angry when told their work is no longer appreciated or when greed appears to take over. Think about your previous reactions to similar types of upsetting circumstances and improvements for the future.

    Your reputation collates with all actions, words, and deeds. Using foul language is never the answer. Do your best to see the humor in what just happened and rise above those questioning you. Working on the higher plane is how the last laugh is achievable as new pursuits come to mind.

    Out of everything you have previously done:

  • Consider the aspects of your work that made you the happiest
  • Devise a plan to leverage the pieces of work you most enjoy
  • Create your own business or take new work that challenges you
  • In the end, you will be grateful for what once appeared as ‘the worst’ is now your gift in disguise.

    Sales Tips

  • Learn from every error and stressful encounter.
  • Plan to step aside and advance when roadblocks arise.
  • Continue to be self-motivated via personal development.
  • Speak with confidence but not arrogance.
  • Listen fully to everything told to you.
  • Hear what is not being said but is understood.
  • Ask for clarification for innuendo to be out in the open.
  • Request the other person’s thoughts on improvement to know if it’s still a fit.
  • Be cognizant of when it’s time to leap forward on your own.
  • Celebrate Success!