Advisor Prospecting: What To Say and How To Say It


Today, you will learn:

Early in my career, I realized that to succeed in my financial advisory or really any business, I had to learn and master the “art of language;” specifically, what to say, when to say it, and how to say it with ease and meaning, so it did not sound like a canned prospecting script.

Examples of the best scripts and insight you will learn in today’s episode include:

  • The best money coaching and financial advisor prospecting scripts
  • What to say when someone asks you what you do (This script has made my firm and my clients more money than any other one!).
  • Why asking excellent prospecting questions is so important to success and bottom-line revenue
  • The script to use in the initial meeting to qualify a suspect or cold prospect
  • How to qualify a suspect to a prospect
  • What to say to get warm introductions and referrals
  • How to handle an objection, and more importantly, when to handle it
  • What type of questions work best with ideal, profitable, affluent clients
  • How to get back in the conversation when the prospect checks out
  • Which questions are most effective to qualify a prospect without their knowing it?
  • What to say to easily get referrals to wealthy clients
  • The best script to make a cold call warm (This is one of my favorites and most valuable scripts!).
  • How to respond when a client is not comfortable referring others to you
  • Simple phrases that lighten up an uncomfortable conversation
  • What to say to get honest feedback from your clients
  • How to tactfully find out if a prospect is qualified when you do not know anything about them
  • Why referral marketing scripts are important to any service-based business

I became fascinated to learn how a person’s mind works and how people respond to new information. The research showed that behaviors, as well as established hard-wired habits and beliefs, allowed me to predict a person’s response to a question or new information. The findings were fascinating.

While most advisors and financial coaches wing what they say or how they say it, successful entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and money coaches take the time to master what they say and how they respond to all questions, including, “What do you do?”, “I am not comfortable giving referrals”, or “I don’t need “blank.” They understand that “wing it responses” lead to “wing it results.”

In today’s episode, “Financial Advisor Prospecting – What to Say and How to Say It,” you will learn the best responses from our research in serving wealthy women and couples for over 30 years.

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