7 Secrets From Top Performing Advisors

Through my coaching and prep-for-speech interviews, I get to see what many top performers do to attract and retain ideal (Right-Fit Clients™) clients.

And I’m not using the term top performer loosely. The advisors featured here all have million-dollar-plus practices.

What I discuss in this week’s blog are not really “secrets,” rather tried-and-true strategies and methods well-applied. In some cases, they are advisors who have followed my coaching and in others they figured it out long before they knew me.

In this week’s blog, I give you a glimpse into what 7 top performers are doing to create more and better introductions to ideal clients.

7 Strategies to Create More Introductions

#1 – Getting “Referred Up”

Rod Gibbings (Kelowna, BC) has started teaching his clients how to recognize and introduce the types of folks he serves the best – who are best suited for his experience and processes. Now he only gets introduced to ideal clients. This is an efficient and effective approach to introductions.

#2 – Creating a Great Introduction

Whitney Brown (Atlanta, GA) keeps introductions from falling through the cracks by using what I call “The Introduction Bump.” Pre-arranged with her referral source, she sends an email to the new prospect with the subject line “Laura Smith recommended I contact you.” She cc’s Laura, who then chimes in with an email after the initial email from Whitney. “I highly recommend you speak with Laura. It will be time well invested.”

#3 – Spectacular Onboarding of New Clients

Bryan Sweet (Fairmont, MN) onboards his new clients with his “90-Day Dazzle Program.” His entire team goes to work (using a checklist) to make sure that new client feels supremely welcomed into the practice, experiences great value, and is exposed to all the ways Bryan and his team can serve them over the lifetime of the relationship.

#4 – Using Hobbies to Build the Business

Erin Gay (Annapolis, MD) has a ton of fun growing his business by using his passion for boating and wine to host events to which his clients bring guests. Also, when he meets new people through his boating, he invites them to one of his wine (or other fun) events. His business is growing at the speed of fun!

#5 – Nurturing Her Advocates with an Ambassador Program

Marsha Kline (Austin, TX) celebrates her clients and centers of influence who provide her with introductions. Marsha hosts two “Ambassador Appreciation Events” each year. While these events are mostly for those who provide her with introductions, she usually invites a few top prospects and/or centers of influence, to experience the enthusiasm they have for the work that she does and the relationships she builds.

#6 – Growing Through Reputation Marketing

Todd McDonald (Albany, NY) has created a national reputation for himself by focusing on a very narrow niche made up of wealthy individuals. Todd would tell you, “I work with family-owned, closely-held, heavy construction companies.” From the look of his website to how he truly knows the world of his clients, Todd is all-in with his target market.

#7 – Making it About the Value

Al Fox (Mt. Laurel, NJ) had an aha moment during one of my training sessions over 10 years ago when he realized he can make his request for introductions all about the value his clients have received. Al expects his clients to provide introductions and communicates that to his clients in a soft, yet confident manner.

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