6 Advantages of Leading With Our Gifts

There have been so many discussions about the importance of following our passions. For many leaders just identifying what their passion is can be overwhelming or even confusing. After all, what does it mean to have a particular passion about something? Do our passions empower us to be better leaders? Do our passions help us to make better decisions or take on more meaningful opportunities? What if instead we flipped that concept and focused more on recognizing our unique strengths and talents? Realizing that each of us has areas we excel may be a more beneficial route to take in reaching our goals and dreams. Locating and using those gifts may actually propel our leadership in the direction we are meant to grow.

Here are six advantages of leading with our gifts:

1. They Bring Out Our Best

There is no doubt that when we embrace our inner strengths we are able to show others our strongest self. Leading by sharing our gifts with team members not only gives us fulfillment but also helps others grow too. When leaders use their gifts they make the biggest contributions to their teams. I had a boss who was a gifted instructional designer who generously showed me her strategies and tips. She was extraordinary.

2. They Clarify Our Career and Job Direction

When leaders follow their talents they are able to build stronger careers. This is not to say that we can’t be successful in areas we become more skilled or more experienced. Unleashing our gifts in our work lives:
  • Points leaders to projects that excite them.
  • Gives leaders an opportunity to shine with their strengths.
  • Often opens doors for promotion and stretch assignments.
  • Helps sets leaders on a realistic and energizing career path.
  • 3. They Give Us Confidence

    Discovering their gifts helps leaders gain confidence. When we feel confident we are more likely to welcome challenges. We are more able to step outside of our comfort zone with an added boost of a “can do” spirit. A helpful way to identify your gifts is by taking note of what people are asking you for help with. Those are the skills and experience your team members and boss highly value.

    4. They Help Us Form Meaningful Relationships

    A leader’s gifts will also empower them to connect with people more readily in both their personal and professional lives. When leaders play to their strengths:
  • Their natural and authentic sides emerge.
  • People relate to them in a more positive way.
  • They are all about helping to identify and build the strengths of others.
  • 5. They Allow Us To See Our Blind Spots

    Another curious piece of leading with our gifts is that we are more open-minded about understanding our areas to grow. Everyone has blind spots. Although we may be talented in certain skills we also recognize that we may need to develop in additional areas. That may bring us to more coursework or training or shadowing other leaders. We aren’t afraid to ask for help or guidance to move us further along.

    6. They Help Us Dream Bigger

    There is no doubt that when leaders share their gifts they also share their dreams. Our gifts excite us and move us to places that we have a fascination. When we lead with our gifts we see beyond our current situations by how we can use our talents to grow our leadership. When we release our gifts we see our next crossroad and move towards it.How do you lead with your gifts? What opportunities did you discover when you allowed your gifts to impact your leadership choices?Related: To Be a Trustworthy Leader You Need This