5 Things Preventing Financial Advisors From Being Successful

Since I run in financial advisor circles, I hear from successful—and not so successful—financial advisors all the time. Besides the financial advisor circles I’m in, I’m also in several mastermind groups for business owners. 

My main takeaway from spending so much time with successful, and unsuccessful, advisors and business owners?

There are 5 key things that prevent financial advisors from being successful. Making any of these mistakes cripples your success.  That’s the bad news.  The good news?  Once you know what these mistakes are, it’s easy to reverse them and unlock more wealth than you thought possible.  The best news? 

In this episode, I reveal each of these 5 mistakes—and give you a simple way to fix them.

Listen now.  Show highlights include:

  • Why a scarcity mindset “costs” you more wealth than going out and buying outlandish material goods (3:22) 
  • How Eve fell into the sneaky “Serpent Trap” in the Garden of Eden (and how you may be falling for this trap today in your business) (4:22) 
  • The instant “10x Happiness” mindset shift that increases your joy by tenfold—at the bare minimum! (6:56) 
  • The single biggest goal-setting mistake financial advisors make which forever keeps their goals out of reach (8:13) 
  • How not believing in yourself can actually magnetizes success towards you (11:52) 
  • Why your fear is the biggest threat to your financial security and success (and how to obliterate it) (16:08) 

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