5 Examples of Strong CEO Leaders

A strong leader is an indispensable part of an organization. The success of a team depends on a leader who lives by example and takes on the challenges of a leadership role whether they have a history of relatable experience or are new to the industry. Read on to learn more about five Chief Executive Officers who are strong leaders within their company.

1. Clint Stinchcomb

Clint Stinchcomb serves as the President and CEO of CuriosityStream, a documentary video streaming service. Stinchcomb started as the Chief Distribution Officer in 2017 and quickly worked his way up. As of 2020, the service has more than 13 million members and hosts a variety of documentary interests, including technology, science and history. Stinchcomb is no stranger to the television industry; his background includes a variety of network positions, including Senior Vice President of Discovery's New Media Operations, Managing Director of Worldwide Media Group and both co-founder and CEO of Poker Central. With his vast history in the industry, he serves as the perfect leader for such a large streaming service.

2. Cheryl Bachelder

When Cheryl Bachelder took over as the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in 2007, sales were declining and business was suffering. By revamping the internal structure of the company to focus on employee value and knowledge, Bachelder turned the business around. Within seven years, profit had increased by 40 percent, with many new restaurants being added globally. She stepped down from her CEO role in 2017 but not after bringing a new life to the fast-food chain. The U.S. restaurant industry bestowed upon her the Norman Award in 2015, an honor celebrating a leader’s positive influence on others in the industry.

3. Melissa Reiff

If you own a home, rent an apartment or basically any form of sustaining your own housing, you likely have some form of storage around your home. There is a good chance these holders were purchased from The Container Store, led CEO Melissa Reiff. While the word “containers” might trigger thoughts of large gray storage bins, The Container Store offers a variety beyond your average storage needs, including metal tins, glass bottles and individually sold lids. Melissa stepped in as CEO in 2016; she has held different leadership roles and also serves as an associate of the International Women’s Foundation and C200, organizations focused on promoting women leaders in the business world.

4. Brian Cornell

What do books, patio furniture, hairspray and bathroom rugs all have in common? They can all be purchased at a little chain of stores known as Target, where Brian Cornell serves as the CEO. You have likely stepped into a Target at some point in your life, if not some point this week. Cornell became the CEO of Target in 2014 and has leadership experience in some of the most popular corporate stores open today, including Sam’s Club, Safeway and Michaels. In addition to his CEO role, he has been on the Board of Directors for many different companies, including Home Depot, OfficeMax and Catalyst. Cornell was the recipient of the prestigious CNN Business CEO of the Year award in 2019.

5. Stephen Squeri

Since 2018, Stephen Squeri has served as the CEO of American Express. Though newer to the role of CEO, Squeri is no rookie in the business world, having held different positions at American Express prior to his CEO role, along with serving as an advisor for Arthur Anderson, a large accounting firm that was based in Chicago. He is often attributed with being a primary force that turned American Express into a globally esteemed company. Squeri sits on the board of governors for Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School in Queens, New York, where he enjoys helping youth understand the value of education.

Quality leaders are an asset to any company, big or small. They are the captain that steers the direction of a business. Leaders and potential future leaders can learn a lot from these five people and the contributions they have made.

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