5 Closing Questions You Need

Ever feel stalled during a close?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a list of 5 questions you could use to get your prospect talking, to get them to open up about how they’re feeling and what you might need to concentrate on?

Use the following questions to help open your prospect up and to get them to reveal where they really stand, and what you need to do to move closer to the sale:

#1 “I can tell that’s important to you; why does it mean so much?”

#2 “You know, I’ve given you a lot of information, do you mind if I ask you what you think so far?”

#3 “I understand that you need to (talk to someone, check on something, or any other stall), but let me ask you: Based on what we’ve gone over so far, what do YOU think?”

#4 “Let me see if I have this right. You (restate what they said), right? What would have to change for this to work for you then?”

#5 “If you had to make a decision right now, what would it be?”

And a bonus layering question:

#6 “And what would change that for you?”

If you found these questions helpful, then it’s time to write some of your own. Make them specific to your product or service and write them so you’d be comfortable asking them. 

If you’re a manager, this is a great exercise for a sales meeting. You could do two: one for prospecting and one for the close.

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