10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Just One Presentation

Great presentations for women are hard to find. Most are long, tedious, and more about money vs. women. You might present it a handful of times, but then you search for something new to attract more clients. Most presentations are simply a one-and-done tool. But what if…

What if you had a presentation for women that you can utilize in 10 different yet powerful ways to attract more clients and grow your business?  

What if you had a seminar presentation that became the core foundation of all of your marketing efforts?

A good presentation for women must:

  • Be engaging 
  • Inspire them 
  • Emphasize what makes YOU different

Here are 10 Ways to Use a Presentation to Grow Your Business:

1) Live Events – I encourage every advisor to use our Savvy Women Presentation as a consistent monthly event. Small intimate groups are best, and you don’t need to feed the participants to maintain their interest.  The Savvy Presentation is a fabulous opportunity to get in front of more women so that they can see YOU are different.

2) Multiple Webinars – Because of the strategic nature of our Savvy Presentation, you can easily break the 60-minute workshop into three short and powerful webinars. Here are 3 title suggestions:

  • Finding the Purpose for Your Money
  • How to Create Your Life by Design
  • What to Look for When Selecting an Advisor – It’s About Relationships First

3) Social Media Content – Using the 20 pages of content, you can take snippets of verbiage and post it on social media. This way, all your marketing is synergistic, constantly reinforcing the same core message: You empower women. 

4) Video Scripts – Carve out short sections of the presentation to create a series of short 1-2 minute videos that reinforce your desire to empower women. 

5) Engaging Tools – Our tools section provides great scripts and worksheets that you can share independently to reinforce your commitment to women. 

6) Guest Speaking – The fun and motivational nature of our Savvy Presentation makes it an excellent presentation for almost all women’s organizations, making you a sought-after guest speaker. This is a great way to get in front of larger groups of women. 

7) Big Brand – Name it, own it, change it and embrace it. You are free to alter the title to be a better reflection of who you are. By marketing the same presentation, reinforced on your website, you will quickly brand yourself in the community as the woman who helps women. 

8) Clarify Your Process – Each key point presented in our Savvy Presentation can quickly become part of your onboarding process. Using the exercises and worksheets in your meetings with new clients, they will soon recognize you are not just about the money but are deeply committed to creating a more engaging experience for women. 

9) Networking Tool – You can effortlessly integrate the Savvy Presentation’s critical points into social conversations, intriguing the listeners to want to learn more about what you do. Example: “When women understand the purpose for their money, everything else makes more sense.” 

10) Have Fun! – Just embracing the concepts, scripts, and tools of the Savvy Women Presentation makes what you do way more fun. 

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