Tech Solutions that Grow Your Firm with Robert Teaney

Robert Teaney is the Director at ViewTrade., a firm creating a smoother, faster and more efficient straight through trading process for non-U.S. firms seeking access to the U.S. equity & option market. They provide turnkey white-labeled retail brokerage, technology, content, customer engagement and advisor solutions to brokerage firms, banks, and financial firms worldwide.

Doug and Robert talked about what Robert learned regarding advisors through his time visiting practices and the problems they continue to face.

They also discussed:

  • Robert’s journey and decision to join ViewTrade
  • An overview of ViewTrade and what its trying to accomplish
  • The recent release of OneView and how it helps advisors
  • The feedback from advisors who are using OneView
  • What is next for ViewTrade

Resources: ViewTrade

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