Changes Happening in the Tech Industry

Written by: Kevin Gardner

Tech companies work to make their products the fastest; to do this, they need to work quickly against the competition. Since its products change so much in such a little time, it should come as no surprise that everything in the tech world moves expeditiously. Below are some of the biggest and latest pieces of tech news, as of August 2021.

Roivant's New CEO

Roivant, also known as Roivant Sciences, is a biopharmaceutical company. Roivant focuses on finding drug candidates for other healthcare companies. They also help to develop various drugs. 

The company was founded by Vivek Ramaswamy in 2014. Since then, the company has grown vastly, now being worth over $7 billion. Also during Ramaswamy's reign as CEO, the company partnered with Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, acquired over half a dozen other companies, and has contributed to COVID-19 research. In January 2021, Matthew Gline, the company's former chief financial officer, replaced Ramaswamy as CEO. Shortly after, Roivant acquired Silicon Therapeutics. 

China's Gaming Rules for Children

The Chinese government seems to believe that playing too many video games can become troublesome for children. Some think video games can be addictive, which can lead to children who play video games excessively to have negative consequences. 

To combat this, China's National Press and Publication Administration put new limits on how much children are allowed to play video games. In late August 2021, the state press only allowed children (anyone under 18) to play video games between 8-9 p.m. Previously, children were allowed to play up to 90 minutes online per day, with more time added on holidays. 

These new rules will be enforced, [planning to begin] in July 2022. To do this, Tencent, a popular Chinese gaming company, will use facial recognition. This is supposed to help reduce the number of children playing online after 9 p.m. Of course, this enforcement will only work well for online gaming, as it is more difficult or even impossible to tell if someone is gaming offline, especially on older consoles.

Xbox and Playstation's Console Wars

Speaking of video games, two of the biggest video game console companies, Xbox and Playstation, will be at war again soon. This is due to Playstation releasing their newest console, the PS5, in November 2021. Many gamers are already trying to compare the two consoles, as the Xbox Series X came out in November 2020. Has having an extra year to come out given the PS5 an advantage over the Xbox Series X? Only time (and the console's actual release) will tell.

Looking at the pre-release data, it seems like the two consoles will have more in common than not. As of August 2021, the PS5 is planned to launch at the same price as the Xbox Series X (about $500 USD). Both consoles also have two options-- buying a console that has or does not have a disc drive. However, the PS5's disc drive-less console does cost considerably more than the Xbox Series X disc drive-less model. 

Rumor has it that the graphics on the PS5 will be more advanced than the Xbox Series X. Maybe what is more important than graphics is what games are exclusive to the PS5 versus the XBox Series X. Some exclusive game titles that will be available on the PS5 will include Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Demon's Souls, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. On the other hand, some XBox Series X exclusive games include Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Redfall, and Starfield.

Make sure to try to keep up to date with all of the most recent news from the tech world. As it is clear to see, the tech world contains everything from video games to modern medical advancements. There's a lot going on and there's always something that is being changed or updated. Don't let yourself fall behind! Keep reading news stories so you always know what is going on in the tech world.

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